China News Service, Chengdu, July 14th. Title: Visiting Sichuan Vegetable Market: The Feelings and Pressures Behind Fine Service

  Author Chen Jingyue Yitong

  Early in the morning of July, people come and go in the Yulin Farmers Market in Chengdu, which is full of “fireworks”.

On the second floor of the market, a stainless steel tray on a pork stall was placed in turn with lean shredded pork, fat and thin shredded pork, all lean pork slices, and fat and thin slices of meat.

Tan claimed that Guangjian (pseudonym) quickly helped customers weigh the meat, and habitually asked: "Do you need ginger and green onion?" When the customer nodded, he quickly took out the right amount of ginger from the three stainless steel bowls in front of him. Put the chopped green onion into the bag and say goodbye to the guest with a smile.

  This is an ordinary scene in a Sichuan vegetable market.

The Sichuan vegetable market not only sells a variety of vegetables and meat. Vegetable vendors usually provide free peeling, shredded, shelling, and root removal services, while meat vendors provide fish slices, crayfish, tails and tails. Line, bunny and duck deboning and other services.

These thoughtful "fine services" have aroused heated discussions among netizens a few days ago.

Customers are buying ingredients.

Chen Jing

  On the other side of the fresh meat area, at a poultry stall, the staff member Lei Biqing is skillfully dehairing the local chickens purchased by customers, then dissecting the internal organs, washing, weighing, and finally preparing the chickens according to the customer’s cooking needs. Butcher into meat pieces of the right size.

"The dry stir-fry is a little bit smaller, the braised braised is bigger, and the stew is bigger." Lei Biqing said, in addition to the meticulous and thorough handling, the stall has also launched an egg delivery activity since April this year. Customers every purchase If you spend 10 yuan, you will give 1 egg as a way to maintain "customer relationship."

  In the vegetable area, enthusiastic vendors are busy greeting customers while peeling pumpkins, winter melons, lettuce and other vegetables. Many stalls also display peeled peas, green beans, edamame, and corn.

There are also stalls with sliced ​​potato shreds, decorated with sweet pepper shreds and green pepper shreds, which are convenient for customers to cook directly after buying them home.

  "The main reason is that everyone's economic level has improved, and now that the young people are busy, they all love to make it convenient." Vegetable vendor Wang Suying's booth not only displays potato shreds, but also a large plate of white radish shreds, carrot shreds, and lettuce shreds.

She has been in the vegetable business for more than 20 years, recalls that her shredding service probably started more than 10 years ago.

Yuan Ying (pseudonym), another stall owner who has been in the vegetable business for more than 20 years, said: "Although it is troublesome, as long as the customer asks, we will do it."

Various shredded vegetables were placed in front of the stall.

Chen Jing

  In Yimin Vegetable Market, a chain vegetable market not far from Yulin Farmer’s Market, merchants’ containers include vegetables, fresh meat, fruits, seasonings and other conventional goods, as well as Kung Pao chicken, pickled beef fillet, pickled pepper pork liver and other dishes. For the semi-finished products, the merchant prepares the ingredients and seasonings needed for the dishes in advance, and the customers can buy them and cook them directly.

Sichuan people have become accustomed to the services provided by vegetable market vendors.

In addition to expressing satisfaction with the price, quality, and variety, Chengdu citizen Zhang Qiong (pseudonym) said that it is also convenient to buy in small quantities. "

  Although the intimate services of the Sichuan vegetable market have won unanimous praise, market vendors confessed that with the rise of online platforms, the squeeze of mobile vendors, and the changes in citizens’ lifestyles, the pressure on stall operations is increasing, and they look forward to serving them. Retain old customers and attract new customers.

The manager of the Yulin Farmer’s Market Management Office, Ye Han, said that the business of market vendors is indeed getting worse and worse. The fruit stalls on the first floor of the market have closed down a lot. "The most intuitive change is that in the past, our market usually had two mornings and evenings. The second shopping peak, and now the shopping peak around 17:00 has basically disappeared."

  "Maybe the vegetable market will no longer exist in the future." Vegetable vendor Wang Suying joked with worry.

She still keeps her eyes on the customers and greets her from time to time.

The customers shuttled among the many stalls, shopping for ingredients and greeting the stall owners. The vegetable market is still lively.

Perhaps as a netizen said in a message: "This is something that community e-commerce can never replace. I hope to keep it forever. It's not easy for the stall owners." (End)