Commissioner Frans Timmermans and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented their plans for a greener Europe on Wednesday afternoon.

The mega package of measures to achieve the climate goals is drastic, but according to Timmermans, it is badly needed.

"I believe that we have a package of measures here that will help us achieve our goal of reducing emissions and becoming climate neutral," said Timmermans.

"If we don't tackle the climate crisis, our children and grandchildren will soon be at war over water and food."

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According to Timmermans, the large package of measures that the European Commission presented on Wednesday has one important feature: it must become a lot less attractive to emit greenhouse gases.

That is why the European Emissions Trading System (ETS) is being expanded and strengthened.

Commercial aviation, shipping, road transport and energy companies that heat or cool buildings have to pay (more) for their emissions.

With many more other measures, such as a ban on new petrol and diesel cars in the European Union by 2035, the EU's net emissions should be zero by 2030.

"There must be an incentive to act greener," says Timmermans.

He also stressed the importance of the EU leading by example.

"If we manage to emit 55 percent less greenhouse gases by 2030, and to be climate neutral by 2050, we as humanity have a chance. The rest of the world is watching us."