The Silicom company, specializing in the cybersecurity sector, is recruiting engineers in the fields of IT (information technology), social networks, data protection and even on-board security.

Curious profiles, with "a good technical background", are sought.

Offers are to be filled now.

Each week, the program 

La France bouge

 on Europe 1 echoes companies which recruit massively, young people in particular, after a year of paralysis due to Covid-19.

This is particularly the case with Silicom, a company specializing in cybersecurity.

Based in Paris, Rennes, Toulouse, Grenoble, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon and even Montreal, Silicom has 250 employees and intends to recruit between 50 and 100 new profiles per establishment.

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Data protection, encryption, cloud, on-board security ...

"We are mainly looking for engineers, people who have their hands dirty," says Arthur Bataille, director of Silicom.

"Whether on social networks, IT (information technology) in general, we train them in the field of cybersecurity, on positions around the issues of data protection, encryption, the cloud and also on-board safety, particularly in the automotive sector ".

To occupy these positions, Silicom is looking for curious profiles, passionate about technology, and above all eager to progress in their career thanks to "projects with high added value". 

"You have to have a good technical background"

"Cybersecurity jobs are not jobs that can be done without understanding the technical challenges of applications and infrastructure software", continues Arthur Bataille.

"To evolve in cybersecurity, you must have a good technical background".

Due to important needs, the offers are to be filled now.

"We need to recruit on average between 50 and 100 people per establishment in relation to the needs of our customers", specifies the manager of Silicom.

"In particular given our footprint in the defense sector with the Ministry of the Armed Forces".

A profession of the future

Also invited from Europe 1, Wednesday, Nathalie Tournyol du Clos, number 2 in human resources at the Army, affirms it, cybersecurity is a profession of the future.

For that, she says, one needs "a solid technical training, a very great intellectual curiosity, and to stay informed of all the new technical developments."

The French army is also recruiting for such positions.

Also adapting to its time, it is looking for more and more specialists in cybersecurity, profiles capable of leading the digital war.

Offers in detail

How many offers?

 Between 50 and 100 positions to be filled in each establishment, spread throughout France.

For which positions?

 CDIs in cybersecurity involving engineers in social networks, IT, data protection, encryption, the cloud and on-board security.

What type of profile?

 Silicom is looking for curious profiles, passionate about technology and ready to embark on "high added value projects" in order to advance their careers.

Where to apply

On the Silicom website, section job offers.