Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, July 12th (Zhao Jiaran) As the students' summer life begins, the competition for the film "summer files" has also become fierce.

  The professional version of Maoyan shows that a total of 94 movies have been released from June 1st to July 12th, of which 16 and 11 movies were released on June 1st and July 1st respectively.

In addition, 35 movies have been fixed from July 13 to August 31, of which 10 movies in the "Chinese Valentine's Day" are fixed.

So far, a total of 129 movies have been released this summer.

  According to the professional version of Beacon, as of July 12, the box office of the 2021 summer file (June 1 to August 31) exceeded 3.2 billion yuan, while the 2018-2020 summer file box office was 17.377 billion yuan, 17.778 billion yuan and 3.620 billion yuan.

How will summer movies perform this year?

How will the movie market go in the second half of the year?

The main melody film drives the box office

  In July 2021, a number of thematic films have been released one after another.

On July 1, the two films "1921" and "Revolutionary", which were dedicated to the centenary of the founding of the party, were released at the same time. As of the 12th, they had earned 410 million yuan and 110 million yuan in cumulative box office respectively.

"Revolutionary" "1921" "Chinese Doctor" poster

  The professional version of Maoyan shows that the producers of "1921" include Tencent Pictures, Shanghai Films, Chinese Films, etc.; the producers of "Revolutionary" include Guangguang Films, Hebei Film Studio, etc.

An announcement issued by the listed company Huanrui Century showed that as of July 7, the company's operating income from "Revolutionary" was approximately 275,000 to 326,000.

  On July 9, the movie "Chinese Doctor", adapted from the real events of the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, was released.

The film is also the first part of the "China Victory Trilogy" launched by Bona Pictures. The trilogy also includes "Changjin Lake" with the background of the War to Resist U.S. Aid Korea and the spy war movie "Anonymous".

In addition to Bona Pictures, the producers of "Chinese Doctor" also include Zhujiang Films, Chinese Films, and Alibaba Pictures.

  Ren Zhonglun, vice chairman of the Chinese Film Association and chairman of the Shanghai Film Association, said that a major feature of the main theme movies in recent years is that they are permeated with youthful charm and power of faith, which have a powerful appeal to young audiences.

Young audiences are the main audience for these films, and I believe these films will perform well in the market.

Animated film "Get together" summer file

  In addition to the main theme movie, animated movies are also an important part of this summer archive.

Well-known IP-related movies "get together" were released, and major listed companies also entered the game.

"New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 4: Perfect Dad", "White Snake 2: Green Snake Rise", "City of Figurines" poster

  Following the launch of "White Snake: Origin" in 2019, Chasing Animation will launch its sequel "White Snake 2: The Green Snake" in the summer of 2021. At present, the film has nearly 29 "wanting to watch" on Tao Piao Piao platform. Million.

The producer of the film is also a gathering of leading companies. The professional version of Maoyan shows that the producers of "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake" are Chaiguang Films, Alibaba Pictures, Maoyan Culture and Bilibili Films, jointly produced as Bubble Mart and Tao Piao Piao film and television.

  "New Big Head Son, Little Head Dad 4: Perfect Dad" was released on July 9th, backed by well-known IPs also made the audience have high expectations.

The producers of the film include China Central Radio and Television Children's Channel, Wanda Film and Television, Chinese Online, etc., and Kaku Media is a joint producer.

In addition, the producers of the animated film "City of Figurines" include Huaqiang Fangte, Hengdian Films, Maoyan Culture, etc.; the producers of "Bacon Bear 2: Gold Agents" are Aofei Films, Zhonghe Qiancheng, etc.

  In an interview with the Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, the industry analyst Zhang Rongdi of the Lighthouse Research Institute said that since 2015, domestic animated films have entered the public’s field of vision. Since then, there will be 1-2 domestic animated films with good reputation and good box office every year. It is said that domestic animated films have been developing continuously and steadily.

Considering the surge of young audiences in the summer vacation, it is a normal phenomenon for animated films to get together, and the summer vacation is also one of the most suitable schedules for animated films.

  “It’s worth noting that in addition to the parent-child animations for young children, there are two national comic animation films suitable for adults to watch in this year’s summer archives, "White Snake 2: The Green Snake" and "City of Figurines". Can it drive more adults to watch animated movies in theaters, or a variable in the box office growth of animated movies this summer." Zhang Rongdi said.

  In addition to the main melody film and the national animation film, the 2021 summer film also covers multiple types of action crime, parent-child, youth, and love.

For example, "The Sky of Burning Wild Boys", "University", "The Future of Midsummer", "Rage and Serious Cases", etc.

  "In terms of genre,

this year's popular summer files cover various types of head films in the past summer files.

" Zhang Rongdi said that summer files will enter a fierce competition from July to August, and heavyweight head films will also After being released one after another,

the post-screening reputation of these films is related to the single film and the overall box office. Whether there is a topic of going out of the circle and attracting more light viewers into the movie theater is an important factor in determining the final point of the summer box office. factor.

Can the movie market be "resurrected with blood" in the second half of the year?

  In the first half of 2021, the data for the first half of the Chinese film market has also been released.

The "Report on the Chinese Film Market in the First Half of 2021" produced by Yien shows that the box office of the Chinese film market in the first half of 2021 is 27.60 billion yuan, a recovery of nearly 90% from the same period in 2019.

At the same time, the number of theaters was 11,800, a compound increase of 10% compared to the same period in 2019; the number of moviegoers was 682 million, a decrease of 15.6% compared to the same period in 2019.

  According to data from the Lighthouse Research Institute, in the first half of 2021, with the occasional recurrence of the epidemic and the closure of theaters in some regions, the overall box office recovered to 88% of 2019, and the Spring Festival stalls received a record 7.822 billion yuan; then, five The first gear also broke a new high with a record of 1.67 billion yuan, which shows that the Chinese film market still has a strong explosive power.

Movie box office data for the first half of 2019-2021.

Screenshot source: Lighthouse Research Institute

  Specifically, there were 6 hot movies with a box office of over 1 billion in the first half of the year, which is close to the 7 in the first half of 2019. Except for the Spring Festival stalls, which accounted for 3, each accounted for one in March, April and May, and the distribution was evenly distributed. , Contributed 63% of the total box office in the first half of the year, and the head effect has intensified.

  In terms of leading film companies, Wanda Film and Television and Guangguang Media have taken the lead to announce the first half of 2021 performance forecast.

Among them, Wanda Film and Television’s main projection film "Chinatown Detective 3" was released during the Spring Festival and achieved a box office of 4.52 billion yuan. The company's performance in the first half of the year turned losses to profits year-on-year, and increased from the first half of 2019. Net profit attributable to the parent is expected to be 620 million yuan -680 million yuan.

  In the first half of 2021, Enlight Media participated in the investment, distribution, or assisted promotion of the films that were included in the box office of the reporting period. The total box office of the films was about 1.697 billion yuan, including "Your Wedding" and "The Crowd". The net profit attributable to the mother in the first half of 2021 is expected to be 4.5 RMB 100 million to RMB 530 million.

  Regarding the trend of the movie market in the second half of the year, Southwest Securities analyzed that from the data point of view, the core indicators such as the overall box office, the number of movie viewers, and the average ticket price in the first half of 2021 are recovering towards the normal period.

In terms of trends, the Spring Festival stalls continued to be hot; the box office fell in the second quarter, down 27.5% compared to the second quarter of 2019.

As the subsequent summer files are launched one after another, it is expected to usher in a phased rebound.

From a consumer point of view, Southwest Securities believes that the

film market has gradually entered the stage of "word-of-mouth accumulation> gimmick propaganda", and the audience's aesthetic level and values ​​have doubled, and more attention is paid to the film content itself.

  Zhang Rongdi said that the film market in the first half of the year has recovered well and the supply of films is sufficient. At present, major companies are fully preparing for the summer vacation. At the same time, the release plan for the second half of the year has not yet been announced, and the situation is still unclear.


If the recovery situation in the first half of the year continues, there is great hope that the movie market will fully return to normal levels. We also hope that the audience can continue their enthusiasm for the Spring Festival and May 1 this year, and look forward to more headline movies in the second half of the year.

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