Kakao T, which provides various transportation-related services, is a platform with 26 million subscribers. Parking service is also used a lot with this app, and as a result of our SBS coverage, it was confirmed that anyone can easily find out the location of other people's cars if they want.

Correspondent Kim Ki-tae reports exclusively.

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Kakao T app that provides taxi and surrogate driving, navigation and parking services.

It is the No. 1 mobility platform in Korea with 26 million subscribers.

However, a huge loophole was revealed in the management of personal information.

This car next to me is not mine.

From now on, for no reason, I will register this car in the Kakao T app as if it were my car.

You can register your car in just over a minute by grasping easily understandable information such as the vehicle number, make and model.

There is absolutely no process to verify that your car is actually yours.

Multiple registrations under one person's name are also possible.

I brought this car into the Kakao T parking lot and waited outside.

The moment you pass the breaker and the arrival is confirmed, a KakaoTalk notification with information such as the location where the vehicle is parked and the parking time arrives.

When the car leaves the parking lot, it not only informs you that the car is leaving but also the time.

Someone else can know the location and travel time of my car without my knowledge.

[Gwakdaegyeong / Dongguk University Police Judicial College Professor can see the impact of stalking or retaliation, intimidation crimes, that I do not know the fact that his position is exposure (may be) a bigger problem -

the service As the area where Kakao Mobility is expanding its business and the number of affiliated parking lots continues to increase, the number of vehicles entering and leaving about 1,600 nationwide reaches 80,000 per day.

In addition, as an AI-based smart parking lot is planned to be expanded as an offline platform for integrated management of the future mobility ecosystem, such as car sharing and electric vehicle charging, the damage may increase.

[Because the Kakao T parking control facility is operated based on the cloud system.]

Kakao Mobility said, "There is a limitation that there is no way to check the vehicle under the common name." "If you do not have a history of paying parking fees, you can check the parking lot only within 1 km." and explained.

[Hwang Seon-young/Director of Kakao Mobility Public Relations Team: We plan to apply the car owner authentication system in early August to remove the privacy issue and confirm the vehicle ownership relationship more clearly.] The Korea

Communications Commission has They said that they are checking for violations of the Location Information Act, such as measures to protect personal location information.

(Video editing: Lee So-young, VJ: Jung Min-goo)