Adults over the age of 19 are expected to receive a disaster aid of 250,000 won per person from the end of next month at the earliest, not with the head of the household, but with a card in their name.

According to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance today (4th), the government is reviewing the detailed payment method by preparing a second supplementary budget that provides a 'win-win national subsidy' of 250,000 won per person to households in the bottom 80% of household income. is.

Last year, the nationwide emergency disaster subsidy was paid up to 1 million won per household, but since this subsidy is paid based on the number of people, a four-person household can receive 1 million won and a five-person household can receive 1.25 million won, respectively.

The payment method will also change from a lump-sum payment to the head of the household to a payment to each adult member of the household.

For example, in a four-person household consisting of a couple and two college students, each of the four family members can receive 250,000 won each.

This was improved by reflecting the problems that occurred when the nationwide subsidy was paid last year.

At that time, one head of the household received the entire family's share of the subsidy, and family members other than the head of the household had the inconvenience of having to use the card in the name of the head of the household with the subsidy charged.

Even if the card was dictated, only the head of the household was notified of the usage by text message, so household members could not know the exact details of the use of the subsidy or the balance.

In addition, there was a problem that the subsidy could not be used in reality if the children were temporarily separated from each other, such as in the school dormitory, or if the couple separated due to domestic violence.

However, if payment is made per person, household members will be able to use the subsidy on their own, as well as check the usage history immediately.

However, this time, the subsidy is provided through the head of the household to minors.

For example, in a family of four with two underage children, the father, who is the head of the household, receives a subsidy of 750,000 won, up to his or her share of the children, and the mother receives 250,000 won of his own share.

Details will be confirmed and announced after discussion with the task force of the relevant ministries.

The application and payment of the national subsidy are basically the same as at the time of the national subsidy last year.

After the National Assembly passes the supplementary budget bill and the subsidy payment standards are finalized, it is likely that you will be able to check whether you can receive the subsidy and how much if you do, through a separate website.

You can choose to receive the subsidy using a credit/debit card, prepaid card, or local love gift certificate.

The application for the grant can be done online and offline at the same time.

If you wish to receive credit or debit card by credit or debit card, you can either access the website of the card company used by each household member to apply, or visit the card-linked bank and fill out the application form.

If you receive a prepaid card or local love gift certificate, apply through the website of the local government or the local community center.

Again, if last year's case is applied mutatis mutandis, the grant can be used from two days after application.

However, the National Support Fund cannot be withdrawn or transferred in cash, and its use is limited.

The expiration date is expected to be limited from at least 3 months to the end of this year.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact timing of the subsidy payment, but the government is planning to prepare the subsidy payment within one month after the supplementary budget bill is passed.

If the supplementary budget bill is passed within this month, it means that the subsidy will be paid from the end of August at the earliest.

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