One in five construction companies faced a material shortage in May, according to a survey by the Economic Institute for Construction (EIB).

That is the highest level ever measured by the EIB.

According to the institute, this is mainly due to the corona crisis.

The problems mainly occur in residential construction and the construction of offices or commercial real estate, an EIB spokesperson told

The monthly survey does not measure exactly which materials are involved, but according to the spokesperson, wood scarcity is mainly discussed in the corridors.

"We can never be completely sure of all the causes, but the corona crisis will certainly play a part in this," the EIB said.

"In the Netherlands, construction has never stopped working, but in many other countries construction sites have closed in the past year. As a result, sellers of materials have reduced their supply and that must now start again. The shortage of containers, which also is a result of the corona crisis, plays a role in this."

The spokesman points out that such a shortage is always only temporary.

"Because the supply is scarcer, prices go up, which in turn makes it attractive for suppliers to increase the supply more quickly," he explains.

In the long run, this will cause prices to fall again.

In addition to the material shortage, many construction companies also have too few staff.

15 percent of companies speak of a staff shortage.

"We had expected a bit that due to the corona crisis and the number of layoffs that accompanied it, vacancies at construction companies would be filled more easily. But that turns out not to be the case," concludes the spokesperson.