Guangzhou Daily (all-media reporter Zhang Lu) The official WeChat account of the National Development and Reform Commission announced on June 28 that recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation sent a joint research team to Henan and Hebei to conduct special investigations. , To understand the operation of the spot market in the fertilizer period.

The research team went to Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, some urea production and circulation companies and agricultural material sales stores to learn more about the supply and demand of urea market, futures spot prices, business operations, product exports, etc., analyze and judge the market situation and price trends in the later stage, and listen to them. Opinions and suggestions on the work of ensuring the supply and price stabilization of agricultural materials such as fertilizers.

  In the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Market Supervision will, in conjunction with relevant departments, continue to pay close attention to the market dynamics of urea and other agricultural materials, strengthen market supervision, and resolutely crack down on hoarding, price hikes, fabricating and disseminating information on price increases, and maintaining fertilizers and other agricultural materials. Market order and price stability.

  Jiang Xingchun, director of the Soochow Futures Research Institute, said that after the recent intensive adjustments in the domestic commodity market, the operation has become more rational.