House prices in our country rose by 12.9 percent in May.

That is the strongest increase since April 2001, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and the Land Registry report on Tuesday.

House prices have risen sharply in recent months.

It has already become clear in recent months that the corona crisis has not led to the expected crash in house prices, but has caused just the opposite.

Since the start of the corona crisis, owner-occupied houses in the Netherlands have only become more expensive.

Experts explain this due to the many economic support measures and the fact that all shops and catering establishments were closed for about a year.

We were also not allowed to travel.

As a result, we have had money left over for a year and people spend some of that on a new house.

And it shows in the prices.

New records are broken every month.

Where in January of this year prices were still 9 percent higher than a year earlier, in May we are already at almost 13 percent.

Compared to the low in 2013, a house in May was 66.8 percent more expensive.

House prices are rising faster every month

Source: CBS

Fewer homes changed hands in May. Last month there were 16,126 transactions with existing owner-occupied homes, 12 percent less than a year earlier. In the first five months of this year, 101,707 homes changed hands, 14.6 percent more than in the same period last year.