As the airline industry's recession caused by COVID-19 has prolonged, domestic low-cost carriers (LCCs) have also jumped into 'side business'.

Jeju Air operates an 'Inflight Meal Café' at AK & Hongdae, a shopping mall complex in Mapo-gu, Seoul until July 28.

The flight attendants make their own drinks, and they also sell popular in-flight meals.

Jin Air officially opened a comprehensive online shopping mall in December last year.

By expanding the paid in-flight sales service mall, which was previously operated for passengers, we are selling various products such as air purifiers, cosmetics, and fruits to the general public, and we are also selling refrigerated Home Meal (HMR) with the concept of in-flight meals.

Air Seoul is the first domestic airline to offer in-flight home shopping service.

We have signed a business agreement with NS Home Shopping and provide NS Home Shopping shopping books on domestic flights such as Gimpo-Jeju, Gimpo-Busan, and Busan-Jeju.

T'way Air has expanded the 'T'way Crew Class', a cabin attendant experience program for aviation-related students since March of this year, to the general public.

Participants can experience in-flight emergency situations such as emergency evacuation at T'way Air's own training center.

LCCs are also strengthening their cargo transportation business, not passenger transportation, which is their 'main business'.

However, it is not making a huge profit.

An LCC official said, "The profit from selling in-flight meals or operating cafes will not be even 1 billion won." "It is a 'high-level policy' issued in the worst case, but we are focusing on discovering new businesses because of the sense of crisis that we have to do something. said. 

(Photo = provided by Jin Air, Yonhap News)