[Explanation] On June 18th, 9 specialty food industry colleges (specialties) including Liuzhou Snail Noodle Industry College, Qianjiang Lobster College, Yibin Noodle College, Baoji Rolling Noodle Industry College, and Spicy Tiao Professional Class were established in Liuzhou, Guangxi. Industry College Alliance.

At the inauguration ceremony, the students made a bowl of spicy snail noodles in cross-border mix and match. There will be many cross-borders like this in the future.

  [Explanation] In recent years, special delicacies such as crayfish, spicy strips, and snail noodles have hatched a huge industrial scale. The development of industrialization, standardization, and scale has shown a desire for professional talents.

Therefore, these delicacies "walked into" the campus, set up an industry college, and opened professional courses. Qianjiang Lobster College, Liuzhou Snail Noodle Industry College, and Spicy Tiao professional classes came into being, driving the technological upgrading of enterprises.

  [Concurrent] Li Manliang, head of the training class of the spicy special class of Hunan Pingjiang Vocational and Technical School

  The previous workers were labor-intensive female packers. Now the employment has begun to transform. More talents in technology, research and development, including equipment development, operation and development are needed, so the employment prospects are still guaranteed.

  [Explanation] The alliance established on the same day is led by Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College. The 9 specialty food industry colleges (professionals) will focus on the relationship between the development of the specialty food industry and vocational education, the industry college serving the local economy and the empowerment and efficiency of the local specialty food industry , Exchange and cooperation on the construction and development of industrial colleges.

  [Concurrent] Chen Fang, Dean of Liuzhou Snail Noodle Industry College

  There are so many characteristic industries across the country and so many characteristic industry colleges have been established. Then we hope to build a platform where everyone complements each other's strengths, and education joins forces to provide a platform for everyone to exchange, study and investigate, and make contributions first. The collective strength of vocational education will make vocational education and characteristic industries better and better.

  [Explanation] In recent years, there have also been "spicy strips" that have become popular. The "net celebrity" gourmet spicy strips are exported to more than 160 countries and regions, with an industry output value of nearly 70 billion yuan. As the birthplace of spicy strips, Pingjiang County, Hunan , There is also an urgent need for professionals in the spicy strip industry.

The establishment of the Latiao professional class can not only cultivate application talents and accelerate the development of the industry, but also further increase the income of practitioners.

  [Concurrent] Ding Bailian, Director of the Quality Development Center of Pingjiang Vocational and Technical School, Hunan

  After systematic training, we (students) may be doing sales positions, or even webcasting, to do channels, product research and development, inspection and testing.

(Student) If he can get a job with higher technical content, his economic income will definitely follow.

  [Explanation] In the future, the alliance member units will further exchange experience in running schools with industry characteristics, build a cooperation platform for resource sharing, complementary advantages, and coordinated development of characteristic industries, and promote the high-quality development of local characteristic industries.

According to the alliance's plan, more "net celebrities" will join with each other to launch more cross-border products similar to spicy snail noodles.

  [Concurrent] Chen Fang, Dean of Liuzhou Snail Noodle Industry College

  The alliances between our characteristic industry colleges, schools and schools, as well as the alliances between brands and brands, and the alliances between categories and categories, we are all proceeding in an orderly manner.

  Wang Yizhao reports from Liuzhou, Guangxi

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]