China News Service, Xiamen, June 19 (Yang Fushan and Wu Ruyu) As one of the important supporting activities of the 17th Strait Tourism Expo, the 2021 China (Xiamen) Ocean Tourism Thermal Forum will be held on the 18th.

  According to the organizer, the forum takes "Ocean Tourism Restart" as its theme, and invites representatives from the cultural and tourism bureaus and maritime bureaus of various provinces and cities in Mainland China, as well as relevant authoritative experts and scholars in the tourism industry, to participate in the forum through keynote speeches and roundtable dialogue , A comprehensive interpretation of the general trend of marine cultural tourism development, and suggestions for restarting the "new voyage" of marine tourism and stimulating the "new momentum" of marine tourism.

  This forum was hosted by China Tourism Research Institute and Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism.

  The "14th Five-Year Plan" proposes to raise the level of marine cultural tourism development.

Xiamen was born because of the sea, is beautiful because of the sea, is special because of the sea, and is new because of the sea. It is a well-known coastal tourist city in China. For the development of marine tourism, Xiamen is blessed with unique conditions and rare opportunities.

  In addition to its unparalleled natural characteristics, Xiamen also attaches great importance to the development of marine tourism and has a good marine tourism industry foundation.

  At this forum, guests attending the forum delivered keynote speeches, collided views, and enthusiastically discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by marine tourism re-starting in the general environment.

  Li Zhong, chairman and general manager of Varcos International Real Estate Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., believes that the marine economy is a cross-section of the national economy and has huge room for growth in many sub-fields.

  In the context of the global rush to beach the ocean economy, how does Xiamen solve the problem?

Li Zhong put forward five major measures: "Taste the sea", "Fishing the sea", "Treading the sea", "Celebration sea" and "Explore the sea". A new highland leading the development of the marine cultural tourism industry."

  Ningbo is the only city of honor for this Expo.

As an important port city on the southeast coast and the economic center of the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta, Ningbo has entered a new stage of development and its anchored goal is to accelerate the construction of a modern coastal metropolis.

The high-quality development of coastal tourism in Ningbo has important reference significance for Xiamen.

  Su Yongjun, Director of the Tourism Department of the Sino-French Joint College of Ningbo University, brought a keynote speech entitled "High-quality Development of Ningbo Coastal Tourism under the Background of the Construction of a Modern Coastal Metropolis", and shared with you the practical foundation and important aspects of the development of marine tourism in Ningbo. Significance, and analyzes the overall thinking, main tasks and specific methods of Ningbo’s current development goals to achieve the development goals in a simple and simple way.

  Professor Lin Bishu, director of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management of Xiamen University School of Management, gave a keynote speech entitled "Embodiment and Immersion" from an academic point of view.

  He analyzed what is "embodiment" and what is "immersion", and proposed a new interpretation of "tourism": tourism is a micro-environment perception and tourism objectification activity.

Professor Lin Bizu believes that if tourism projects have the embodied and immersive functions of tourism-targeted activities, they can arouse the resonance of tourists and increase the vitality of the projects.

  At the 2021 China (Xiamen) Ocean Tourism Thermal Forum, the participants actively provided suggestions and suggestions through round-table dialogues.

  Li Zhong, chairman and general manager of Varcos International Real Estate Consultants (Beijing) Co., Ltd., started from the renovation and upgrading of the Gaoqi Fishing Port in Xiamen, and proposed to dig deeper into the history and culture of the territory, combined with navigation science, so as to promote the quality of marine tourism upgrade.

  "In the past, the Chinese went to the ocean from here, but today the Chinese are here to fall in love with the sea." Li Zhong said confidently.

  Boarding Bar CEO Liu Jianbin and Viking Cruises China Product Development and Brand Marketing Vice President Chen Weiyun pointed out that in terms of the cruise industry, to promote the quality and upgrade of marine tourism, the direction should be set at "coastal cultural tourism."

  "From the decoration of the entire cruise ship to the food and retail stores on the cruise ship, it must contain the cultural characteristics of the destination." Chen Weiyun said.

  From the perspective of service, Liu Jianbin pointed out that the details of the service should be done well to fully reflect the humanistic qualities and improve the service quality of passengers disembarking and disembarking.

  Su Yongjun, director of the Tourism Department of the Sino-French Joint College of Ningbo University, suggested that Xiamen's marine tourism should be upgraded and upgraded. It is necessary to increase the new momentum of marine tourism, promote the deep integration of cultural tourism, and integrate the most representative and unique culture of Xiamen and even southern Fujian. To eat, drink and play, create attractive products.

  Bai Shusheng, executive deputy curator of the Shimao Maritime Silk Road Museum in Fujian Province, focuses on "cultural neighborhoods." He believes that we must firmly grasp the national policy, grasp the entire marine tourism industry chain, and create culturally-attributed commercial neighborhoods. Consumption extends to the main entertainment, building Xiamen into a comprehensive marine tourism city.