A lot of spirits are temporarily sold out on the Albert Heijn website and app.

A spokesperson for the company says that this is because the drink comes from sister brand Gall & Gall.

The new alcohol law, which takes effect on 1 July, imposes that strong liquor stores may no longer be sold online at supermarkets.

This means that from 1 July it is no longer possible to order spirits from the Gall & Gall range on the AH site.

Although the law will only take effect in two weeks, the stock at Albert Heijn online will no longer be replenished in the run-up to this.

The spokesperson emphasizes that everything is still available via the Gall & Gall site.

The new law also prohibits supermarkets and liquor stores from giving more than 25 percent discount on a case of beer or wine.

This makes it impossible to sell two crates for the price of one.

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