Since Brexit became official, there are far fewer Europeans looking for work in the United Kingdom,

The Guardian


based on a study by the job site Indeed.

Data from the site shows that the number of jobseekers from the EU is 36 percent lower than in 2019.

The largest decrease can be seen in low-paid jobs in healthcare, the catering industry or in warehouses.

There, 41 percent fewer Europeans responded to vacancies.

According to Indeed, those decreases have more to do with Brexit than with the corona crisis, because the number of job seekers from EU countries fell much less quickly in other countries.

People from non-EU countries and Ireland were 1 percent less likely to click on job openings in the UK.

In addition, the economic research firm Escoe already announced in January that 1.3 million European workers have left the country since the end of 2019. Although the corona crisis has probably also played a major role in this, Indeed also sees an effect of Brexit.

British business leaders have warned several times that a lack of foreign workers could make the UK's economic recovery after the corona crisis more difficult due to a shortage of staff.

That in turn could push up wages and prices of goods.