On the 17th, the yen exchange rate fell in the Tokyo foreign exchange market.

The yen exchange rate as of 5 pm was 110.59-60 yen, which is 66 yen weaker and the dollar stronger than the 16th.

Compared to the 16th, the yen appreciated by 1.17 yen and the euro depreciated to 1 euro = 132.20-24 yen.

The euro was 1 euro = 1.1954-55 dollars against the dollar.

Market officials said, "There is widespread belief that the US dollar's monetary easing policy will shrink faster than expected, the US long-term interest rate will rise, and the yen will be sold with an awareness of the widening interest rate differential between Japan and the US. However, the movement to buy dollars has spread. However, after that, there was a movement to sell dollars in an attempt to secure immediate profits, and the price movement during the day was limited. "