China News Service, Tianjin, June 17 (Wang Junyan) In order to foster the construction of an international consumption center city and create an upgraded version of Tianjin consumption, on the evening of the 16th, the 2021 Tianjin "Haihe International Consumption Season" will officially start, and the event will continue until September 16. .

According to the activity model of "platform support, merchants' profitability, and shopping prosperity", the event is the largest city-wide consumption promotion event held in Tianjin in recent years, and it is also a major consumption promotion platform built by Tianjin.

  According to reports, the "Haihe International Consumption Season" focuses on shopping malls, supermarkets, night markets, automobiles, home furnishings, culture, tourism, sports, e-commerce, catering and other fields, and implements six special actions, focusing on holding 616 Tianjin Shopping Festival, International Beer Festival, etc. In the six major events, more than 600 theme promotions will be carried out in total.

  "Through promotional activities, promote the gathering of commercial functions, release consumption potential, stimulate market vitality, create consumption scenes, and enhance the attractiveness of domestic and foreign tourists." Tianjin Deputy Mayor Wang Xu said in his speech.

  At the launching ceremony, the Haihe International Consumption Season’s promotional video was officially released, 60,000 blind boxes of 616 discounts were received for free, and activities such as "Hundred Anchors Walking in Tianjin·Check-in Haihe International Consumption Season" were launched at the same time. Plaza 66, Robin Department Store, Preferential policies for more than ten representative companies such as and

  As the key content of this event, the "616 Discount Blind Box" was planned by the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce to integrate the resources of major trade and circulation enterprises. A total of 60,000 "blind discount boxes" were issued, including 1 million coupons, vouchers and various Class gifts; this event highlights the cross-border integration of business, travel and culture. The blind box combines Haihe cruise ship discount coupons, major theater performance coupons, and Wenhui card discounts.

  "Through this event, we will help build an international consumption center city. The Haihe International Consumption Season will become a landmark platform for Tianjin to promote consumption and a beautiful business card for Tianjin's business." Li Hong, deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said in an interview with reporters.