China News Service, June 17 (Reporter Li Jiajia) The new crown epidemic in 2020 will have a huge impact on the global tourism industry.

On the 17th, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly issued the "Measures to Support Shanghai's Tourism Industry to Improve Quality and Energy" (referred to as the "New 12 Articles"), involving financial funding support, digital transformation, etc. In many respects, it has helped Shanghai's tourism to improve its quality and increase its energy and run out of "acceleration".

  In 2020, Shanghai officials issued the "Several Policies and Measures on Shanghai's All-out Efforts to Prevent and Control the Epidemic and Support Services for the Stable and Healthy Development of Tourism Enterprises" (referred to as the "Old 12 Articles") to help the tourism industry relieve difficulties and relieve urgent needs.

Data show that in 2020, Shanghai's total tourism revenue was 313.978 billion yuan, a recovery of 56.86% year-on-year, which is better than the whole country.

Received 236 million domestic tourists, a 65.32% recovery year-on-year; domestic tourism revenue was 280.95 billion yuan, a 58.66% recovery year-on-year.

The tourism market has recovered relatively well, with the number of domestic tourists and the recovery of domestic tourism revenue being 17.42 percentage points and 19.76 percentage points higher than the national level, respectively.

"New 12" policy for Shanghai's tourism industry to improve the quality and capacity of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

  After "helping the horse", the "new 12 items" launched today are like an "upgraded version", which focuses on improving quality and energy and promoting long-term development.

Fang Shizhong, director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, said that the introduction of the "New 12 Articles" is mainly because Shanghai's tourism industry is in a "strategic opportunity period", "recovery acceleration period", and "shift and transformation period."

  According to reports, the "New 12 Articles" will start from four aspects: First, focus on expanding the benefits of tourism enterprises. The "New 12 Articles" address the problems of small and micro tourism enterprises, especially travel agencies, which are large in proportion, small in scale, and difficult to apply for loans. Starting from the expansion of credit support coverage and benefits, the introduction of government financing guarantees and re-guarantee agencies, Implement credit enhancement services for the main body of the tourism market. In addition, tourism companies will also be supported to expand financing channels for tourism companies through private equity investment, listing, and issuance of bonds. The tourism service quality deposit will be temporarily withdrawn until it is returned on February 5, 2022. At the same time, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism is also studying alternative plans for special insurance products and tourism service quality deposits to effectively reduce the operating burden of travel agencies; secondly, focus on expanding tourism and developing new markets . The “New 12 Articles” clearly increase the city’s publicity and promotion funds appropriately, relying on mainstream media and new media to build a Shanghai tourism promotion platform to promote Shanghai in an all-round, three-dimensional, and multi-angle manner, so as to attract more Shanghai residents to visit Shanghai and attract more people. Many tourists come to Shanghai for in-depth experience; third, focus on optimizing the supply of high-quality tourism. The "New 12 Articles" clearly will increase support for special tourism funds, encourage investment in tourism resorts and destinations, and promote the precise connection of capital and major tourism projects around the "five new cities" and other key tourism projects. Support tourism companies to develop new tourism products, new routes, and new services, develop red research tours, and expand the development of brand tourism such as Pujiang Tour, Ancient Town Tour, Intangible Heritage Tour, and Architectural Reading. Support tourism enterprises to carry out tourism talent training and enjoy relevant subsidies in accordance with regulations. Finally, focus on guiding the digital transformation of tourism. The "New 12 Articles" will focus on supporting the construction of digital tourism projects such as "One Code Travel" and "Convenient Check-in", guide tourism companies to popularize smart services such as electronic maps and audio guides, and create new tourism digital application scenarios. 20 digital tourism projects will be built within the year. Scenic spots, 600 digital hotels. Support the development and growth of new business formats and models such as online travel, live cloud travel, and smart cultural expo, actively cultivate digital tourism companies, and build a new digital tourism ecosystem across the chain.

  On the same day, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Bank of China Shanghai Branch, China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch, Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Bank, and Shanghai Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Guarantee Center.

According to the agreement, Shanghai will build a "24-hour" financial service platform for tourism small, medium and micro enterprises in the future to solve the problems of difficult and expensive financing for tourism small, medium and micro enterprises.

Bank of China Shanghai Branch, China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch, Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch, and Bank of Shanghai will provide "one-stop" services for the Shanghai tourist peak project and the construction of major tourist destinations in a "syndicate" manner.

  In response to the problems of small and micro tourism enterprises, especially travel agencies, which account for a large proportion of small and micro enterprises, light asset operations, lack of mortgage assets, and difficulty in loan application, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism started by expanding the coverage of credit support and benefiting, and introduced government financing guarantees. And re-guarantee agencies will provide credit enhancement services to tourism market entities, and will give priority support to tourism business entities that meet the key support categories of the Shanghai Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Policy Financing Guarantee Fund by the Shanghai Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Policy Financing Guarantee Fund Management Center. .

  In addition, Bank of China Shanghai Branch signed a contract with Shanghai Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Investment and Development Co., Ltd. to help "upgrade" Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street.

The Shanghai Branch of Bank of Communications signed a contract with the Shanghai Grand Theater to promote the digital RMB to "enhance" cultural tourism.

The Shanghai Branch of China Construction Bank signed a contract with Ctrip Group to launch the "Yu Nong Le Tour" platform to promote tourism development and help Shanghai's rural revitalization.

Bank of Shanghai and Jiushi Group also jointly issued a joint credit card for green cultural tourism and leisure travel.