Many fans found out that there were a lot of Chinese advertisements on the sidelines of the European Cup, and they were all familiar Chinese brands.

Some brands’ advertisements alternate between Chinese and English versions, while some brands’ advertisements are directly printed in Chinese.

  This made Chinese fans feel very cordial, "I feel like watching the Chinese Super League." "Attention can't help being attracted by Chinese characters." On June 15th, a columnist of FT Chinese Network wrote that the Chinese audience saw the sidelines. Many of the billboard content is "virtual", customized specifically for the Chinese market, and not exactly the same as the billboards seen by the live audience.


  Many fans in Europe, such as fans in the United Kingdom, said that even the BBC broadcast signal can see such Chinese text ads.

  The reporter contacted a female football fan in the Netherlands. She enumerated in detail: "There are many Chinese brands, but some Chinese brands do not display advertisements in Chinese, but Alipay and Ant Fortune will display Chinese. Sometimes it’s the audience. Rolling means that the sideline advertisements in the entire circle of the venue are all one brand. Sometimes all the sideline advertisement brands appear. At that time, they will not roll, but will be static."

  From the colleagues who took pictures of the European Cup on-site, I learned that the advertisements of these brands are indeed displayed on the live LED screens, so they can not only be seen on the live TV screens.

  In fact, it can be seen from the official website of the European Cup that among the 12 official sponsors, there are four Chinese brands, Alipay, Tik Tok, vivo, and Hisense, which account for one-third of the 12 top sponsors, making China the main sponsor. The largest exporter of the top sponsors of the European Cup.

They are at the same level as other sponsors that are familiar with Coca-Cola, FedEx, Volkswagen, Heineken, Qatar Airways, Gazprom, Booking, Takeaway, etc.

  As early as June 10, UEFA (UEFA) announced on its official website that AntChain, a subsidiary of Ant Group, has become a global partner of the European Cup in 2020. UEFA and AntChain signed a five-year cooperation agreement.

This time the cooperation is a global model, not just limited to the Chinese region.

  For different spectators, virtual advertisements will be placed on the TV broadcast screen.

Such technology can indeed be achieved now, and it has also been applied in actual competitions.

  For example, in the 2018-19 season of the Bundesliga, Dortmund became the first football team in the world to use virtual advertising in all home games, displaying different advertising content for TV audiences in different regional markets on digital advertising boards.

  In addition, fans who often watch NBA live broadcasts can find that in the NBA live broadcasts, there will be some Chinese content or advertisements on the venues on both sides of the paint zone. During the epidemic last year, the words "Come on Wuhan" were also marked.

In addition, you can now see a 24-second countdown in the free throw circle in the NBA's TV broadcast screen.

These are actually not available on the scene.

  Officials will process the floor when the signal is transferred. A certain camera position is set, and there will be a relatively stable perspective to aim at these content. Therefore, the NBA broadcast signal seen in China is with a floor blessing slogan or a Chinese advertisement. .

  There are indeed many gold hosts from China in this European Cup. Chinese elements have surged and attracted a lot of attention, but there is no need to doubt what "special offer" is. Borrowing the Chinese advertisement on the sidelines of the game, "I believe in the power of China." "

  Cao Linbo