Now that the temperatures are rising again, it is also getting warmer in the workplace.

For office work there are rules about whether the temperature does not rise too far.

Those who work from home must arrange it themselves.

You can always talk to the employer, but they are not responsible for solutions for a too warm home workplace.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW), 'the ideal temperature' is between 23 and 26 degrees in summer.

"At temperatures above 26 degrees there is an extra physical load and one should think about measures."

A maximum of 28 degrees applies to light physical office work.

The risks of the heat at home workplaces are often low, according to the FNV trade union.

"It's quite a different matter whether you're working behind a computer or having to dig a well," says Marike Schooneveldt of the union.

Even so, the temperature behind the desk can rise considerably, which is not pleasant and affects productivity.

That may be a problem for the employer, but not his responsibility.

Where the employer is responsible for cooling in the office, this does not apply to working from home.

"Not all rules that apply at the office also apply at home," says Schooneveldt.

"The employer must provide a good workplace at home, with a screen and a good chair, but not a fan or air conditioning."

The employer's obligation is laid down in the Working Conditions Act and in this case falls under 'location-independent work'.

Home workplaces are now much better equipped

Because many employees now receive a homework allowance, it could perhaps also be used to purchase a fan, Schooneveldt suggests.

Employers' organization AWVN states that the need is now less acute than last year, when working from home was still new for many people and we were dealing with a considerable heat wave.

"Now we see that people have already set up their home workplace properly."

Moreover, it is also easier for people to go to the office responsibly.

"Organizations are now used to implementing the corona measures and almost all have a good climate control system," says the AWVN spokesperson.

According to Schooneveldt of the FNV, drinking extra is sensible anyway. "And air the house well as soon as you can. You can also put a bottle of water in the freezer and later put it in front of your fan so that there is cool air. And talk to your employer about working hours and extra breaks. Maybe you can start earlier. and stop early."