Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, June 16th. On Wednesday, the stock indexes of the two cities plunged again. In the afternoon, the lithium battery, non-ferrous metals, and automobile sectors continued to fall. The Shanghai Composite Index closed down 1.07%, the ChiNext Index fell 4.18%, and more than 2,900 stocks in the two markets fell.

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  As of the close, the Shanghai Index reported 3518.40 points, a decrease of 1.07%, with a turnover of 410.609 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 14295.93 points, a decrease of 2.57%, with a turnover of 521.604 billion yuan; the ChiNext Index reported 3125.70 points, a decrease of 4.18%.

  On the disk, lithium battery, medical beauty, liquor, non-ferrous metals, healthcare, new energy vehicles and other sectors fell throughout the day, Hongmeng concept stocks moved in the afternoon, Chuanzhi Education "ground board", SuperMap software straight up and hit the daily limit.

  The non-ferrous sector led the decline, falling by 2.66%, Huayou Cobalt and Jiayuan Technology fell to the limit, Ganfeng Lithium and Shengxin Lithium fell more than 9%.

The oil sector was active throughout the day, with CNOOC Development and Quasi-Oil shares trading at their daily limits.

  New energy vehicle concepts fell 2.47%. Among them, BAIC Blue Valley, Great Wall Motors, Haima Motors and other stocks fell by the limit, Dongfeng Motor, Dangsheng Technology, BYD, Inventronics and others fell.

  Hongmeng concept stocks rebounded again, many stocks pulled up from the down limit, Chuanzhi Education staged a "earth and sky board", SuperMap Software, Beixinyuan, Digital Certification and other daily limit, Runhe Software rose 3.45%.

  Overall, a total of 1,248 stocks in the two cities rose, among which ST Longyun, ST Jiuyou, Xueda Education and other stocks rose by more than 5%.

2910 stocks fell, of which Stellite, Rongyu Group, Gold Card Intelligence and other stocks fell by more than 5%.

  In terms of turnover rate, a total of 51 stocks had a turnover rate of more than 20%. Among them, Dongpeng Beverage had the highest turnover rate, reaching 73.14%.

  According to Northeast Securities' analysis, on Tuesday, the Shanghai stock index fell below 3580 points and the 20-day moving average. The short-term market retracement and the amplification of volatility are not unexpected; maintain the previous thinking, that is, the market is in a consolidation phase and lacks large upside momentum in the short-term, and needs to wait for the Fed Events such as the interest-discussion meeting have landed; along with the weakening of some trend variables, market sentiment is still there, trading volume is acceptable, but the hot spots are speeding up and the operation difficulty has increased.

  The Guosheng Securities Research Report believes that the index may be a benign rebound, and the room for adjustment is limited, so there is no need to worry too much.

In the short term, pay attention to the support of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index around 3540 points. If the volume can follow up strongly, the market may stabilize and rebound after a short period of adjustment.

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