"March of the flags" in Jerusalem: "We are here to say it: we are at home"

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The “March of the Flags” near the Damascus Gate, just outside the Old City of Jerusalem, June 15, 2021. REUTERS - AMMAR AWAD

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The “March of the Flags” did indeed take place Tuesday evening in Jerusalem.

More than a thousand ultra-nationalist and far-right Jews in particular marched to reaffirm the sovereignty of the Hebrew state over the Holy City.

Under guard, they even gathered at the Damascus Gate, at the entrance to the Muslim quarter of the Old City, annexed by Israel in 1967.


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem, 

Sami Boukhelifa

Israeli flags in hand, a blue and white wave sweeps over the Old City.

Accompanied by her daughter, Danielle came to mark her territory.

Each year, the Palestinians experience this gathering as a provocation.

Regardless, for this Franco-Israeli, they have no say.


 We are at home, we are at home,

" she proclaims.

We accept them because they were born here.

As long as they don't move, as long as they are nice, we accept them.

But we are the owners of the house.

We are here to say it: we are at home. 


Songs, dances under the windows of Palestinians cloistered in their homes, helpless.

But Noam, 24, wants to reassure him, he does not come to carry a message of hatred.

 Personally, I don't come to provoke,” he


I come to show my attachment to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a unified capital.

We are a people who provoke no one.

Everything else is a geopolitical debate that does not concern us.

And obviously peace is possible, it is even necessary.

There is no provocation, it is just people parading with a flag, it is peaceful people who ask only to live in peace. 


However, some demonstrators chanted “

death to the Arabs 


For the Prime Minister alternately Yaïr Lapid, these people are a " 

shame for the people of Israel 


Earlier today, Israeli police cordoned off the area and forcibly removed the majority of Palestinians there.

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