Presidential election in Iran: candidates close to moderates in search of support

Abdolnasser Hemmati, during the last televised debate in tehran, June 18, 2021. AP - Morteza Fakhri Nezhad

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Three days before the presidential election, the coalition of reformist and moderate parties refused to support Abdolnasser Hemmati or Mohsen Mehralizadeh, the two candidates close to their camp approved by the Council of Guardians of the Constitution who face five conservative candidates.


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From our correspondent in Tehran


Siavosh Ghazi

In recent days, calls have multiplied for the coalition of reformist and moderate parties to support Abdolnasser Hemmati, former president of the Central Bank, who was very combative during the televised debates.

Mehdi Karoubi, one of the main leaders of the green movement in 2009, under house arrest since, called on the coalition of moderate parties to support Abdolnasser Hemmati.

Other personalities from the reform camp have also made such appeals.

A disappointed electorate

Eight years ago, the support of the moderate former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and the reformist ex-president Mohammad Khatami had enabled the current president Hassan Rouhani to prevail against the conservatives.

But this time around, the moderate electorate is disappointed with President Rouhani's economic record.

With a strong abstention, the conservative Ebrahim Raissi, who currently heads the judiciary, has a good chance of winning with 60% of the vote.

But everything can still change if the moderate electorate mobilizes.

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Presidential in Iran: who are the seven candidates?


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