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courier union, which went on an indefinite strike, held a large-scale rally today (15th) in Yeouido, Seoul.

The union insisted on fulfilling its promise to the company to do the laborious sorting of goods.

Reporter Lim Tae-woo will share with you what progress is being made in the ongoing labor-management negotiations.


[Let's finish the task of sorting out measures for overworked


this time!]

On the first week of the indefinite strike, about 4,000 parcel delivery union members from across the country gathered in Yeouido Park in Seoul.

There was also a clash with the police blocking the entry of equipment.

The union has urged couriers and the government to expedite sorting issues.

In line with the time when the National Assembly is discussing countermeasures against overworked delivery workers, we plan to continue the protest for two days and one night here at Yeouido Park.

Labor and management, which are negotiating in the National Assembly, are mainly arguing over how to preserve the wages of delivery drivers, which will be reduced due to the size and timing of the manpower to be put into sorting work, and reduction in working hours.

According to the union, a considerable amount of opinion has been reached regarding the issue of the parcel delivery service being in charge of sorting.

[Jin Kyung-ho/Chairman of the Courier Union: Let's stop sorting now, and the desperate demand of the courier to work without dying any more is going beyond the 9th ridge.]

Discussions are ongoing as wages must be paid on the premise of a courier fee increase. is.

Postal delivery workers have been squatting in the Yeouido office for the second day, and the confrontation continues as the management informs them that they will terminate the contract if they do not return to work by the day after tomorrow.

The number of workers on strike by the parcel delivery union is about 10% of all delivery drivers, but in areas with a high union membership, delivery was disrupted.

Online shopping malls informed of possible delays in delivery, and the post office completely stopped accepting fresh food.

[Shopping mall operator: Because the product itself cannot be shipped, I have to call each customer and tell them that the shipment is not possible.]

The conversation between labor and management, which will be a watershed in this strike, will continue until tomorrow.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, Kim Hyun-sang, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, VJ: Park Hyeon-woo)