Japan Post has decided to partner with a domestic manufacturer to develop an aircraft suitable for carrying luggage in order to utilize drones for delivery in mountainous areas where it is difficult to secure manpower.

According to the announcement, the Japan Post Group will invest approximately 3 billion yen in the domestic drone maker "Autonomous Control System Research Institute" and will cooperate with Japan Post.

Through the alliance, we will jointly develop a drone suitable for carrying luggage, build a flight system, and aim to put it into practical use again next year.

On the drone, this month, the revised aviation law is established, in the next fiscal year the so fly with no visual aircraft can have people in prospect outlook, increased use of in such distribution sites have been expected.

At the company, the aging of delivery staff who carry luggage is advancing, and it is becoming difficult to secure human resources, so we aim to strengthen delivery by drone, especially in mountainous areas and remote islands.

Kazuhide Kinugawa, president of Japan Post, said at a press conference, "I would like to take on the challenge of logistics innovation by combining the technology of domestic drone makers with the logistics network of post offices."