Mr. Masayoshi Son, president of SoftBank Group Corp., has announced that he will expand the target to not only his own related parties but also neighboring residents over the occupational vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine starting from 21st this month to reach 250,000 people. I made it.

When the minister in charge of regulatory reform Kono visited the vaccination site of the company set up in Minato-ku, Tokyo on the 15th, Softbank Group president Masayoshi Son said, "150,000 employees, work areas, and their families." We would like to add 100,000 neighbors to the inoculation of a total of 250,000 people. " He revealed the idea of ​​having 250,000 people.

Regarding the venues for inoculation, he said, "15 locations nationwide will be opened one after another. Then, 10,000 people can be inoculated per day."

In addition, President Son said, "For those who have been vaccinated twice and two weeks have passed, the admission fee for the game at the PayPay Dome of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks will be halved. Young people also need to increase the rate of inoculation as soon as possible. "