Energy supplier Eneco will shut down a large part of its gas-fired power stations by 2030 at the latest.

Five years later, all power plants should be closed or converted to renewable energy plants.

The company announced this on Tuesday.

This concerns the gas-fired power stations Enecogen, Merwede and Lage Weide and ten gas-fired heat stations.

The energy company announced that it wants to be climate neutral fifteen years ahead of schedule.

Initially, it was intended to be in 2050, but Eneco is now pushing that to 2035. To make that possible, stricter policy is needed, which was presented on Tuesday.

Stopping gas-fired power stations is therefore part of that.

The Merwede power station and the ten gas-fired heat plants must be closed or converted by 2030 at the latest.

For the other two gas-fired power stations, this must be achieved by 2035.

In addition, the company wants to stop selling gas-fired central heating boilers and help customers reduce the use of natural gas.

This can be achieved by better insulating homes and commercial buildings and by making more frequent use of heat pumps.

Eneco wants to stimulate the use of electricity in industry and traffic, whereby the electricity must come entirely from wind turbines and solar panels.

The use of, among other things, geothermal energy, green gas and hydrogen for heat must also be increased.

Eneco therefore wants to significantly expand the possibilities for the production of clean energy in the coming years.

At the moment, Eneco and its customers together emit 13.9 megatonnes of CO2.

The energy supplier expects this to be largely reduced by 2035, but not yet completely.

It is likely that by then 0.9 megatons of CO2 will still be emitted.

In order to be climate neutral, Eneco wants to compensate for these emissions.