While preparations are underway for the implementation of occupational vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine, major real estate companies are also subject to vaccination of tenant companies that move into office buildings that they operate in order to efficiently inoculate more people. There is a movement to spread.

Mori Trust, which develops office buildings and hotels, plans to inoculate work areas at four venues in Tokyo and Sendai City from June 21st.

The company has 3,000 employees, including outsourcers, but has decided to extend the scope of vaccination to tenant companies that move into the office buildings it operates.

Many tenant companies have less than 1000 employees and do not meet the requirements for occupational vaccination, and even large companies have said that it is difficult to secure vaccines and venues. The target is at least 300 companies, totaling 42,000 people.

Since personal information is handled at the time of inoculation, we will inoculate at different times for each tenant, but we are aiming for efficient operation by introducing a reservation system that can be shared by each company.

Noriko Tamura of the General Affairs and Human Resources Department of Mori Trust says, "Since medical resources are limited, we would like to accelerate inoculation by cooperating with tenant companies and quickly create an environment where people can come to the office with peace of mind." ..