At the crisis-ridden leasing specialist Grenke there is still no peace.

On Monday evening, the company surprisingly announced the imminent departure of its multi-year boss.

For personal reasons, Antje Leminsky decided to leave the company on June 30, 2021 after eight years on the board, including three years as CEO.

“The Supervisory Board thanks Ms. Leminsky for her valuable work over the past few years.

We very much regret that she will be leaving Grenke, "Supervisory Board Chairman Ernst-Moritz Lipp was quoted as saying in a further communication.

Her resignation has nothing to do with the special audit that has been running for months due to accusations of falsification of accounts.

The CEO still spoke of wanting to take on a new challenge after the unqualified certificate from KPMG, the "respectable" business performance in the first months of 2021 and the supervisory reviews that have now been completed.

Actually, her contract would have run until 2023.

His successor on August 1 is Michael Bücker, most recently a member of the Board of Management of Bayerische Landesbank.

According to the announcement, the rules of representation within the board of directors will apply during the transition phase.

Investors were initially relaxed. The Grenke share price reacted slightly positively to the news after the hours of trading.