The manufacturing industry takes off, creating an engine for the development of a big country

  The century-long journey has been magnificent, and the century-long achievements have attracted worldwide attention.

The Communist Party of China has united and led the people of all ethnic groups in the country to self-reliance, work hard, and reform and innovate. In decades, they have completed the industrialization process that developed countries have gone through for hundreds of years, and made our country leap from a backward agricultural country to a major manufacturing country.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has made a major strategic decision to accelerate the building of a manufacturing power.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that “manufacturing is the lifeline of the national economy”, “we must unswervingly make the manufacturing industry and the real economy stronger, better, and bigger”, “accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power, and accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing” to provide high-quality manufacturing. Development points the way.

From 2012 to 2020, the added value of my country's manufacturing industry has increased from 16.98 trillion yuan to 26.59 trillion yuan, maintaining its position as the world's largest manufacturing country for 11 consecutive years, greatly enhancing my country's comprehensive national strength, scientific and technological strength and international influence.

 The status of the first manufacturing country is more stable

  Entering the exhibition hall of Qinhuangdao Glass Museum, a contract signed in 1921 is eye-catching.

"This is a contract for a joint venture with Belgium to build a glass factory." According to the explainer, the Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass Factory was put into operation in the third year after the contract was signed, which opened the way for the development of China's glass industry.

  In a blink of an eye, in 2020, my country's flat glass output will reach 94.723 million weight boxes, accounting for about 58% of the world's total output.

Fuyao Glass has steadily occupied the forefront of the global automotive glass market with a market share of 25%.

  The small glass industry has witnessed tremendous changes in my country's manufacturing industry over the past century.

  Manufacturing production is advancing by leaps and bounds, and economic strength has increased significantly.

my country’s industrial added value was 12 billion yuan in 1952, reached 162.1 billion yuan in 1978, broke the 1 trillion yuan mark in 1992, 10 trillion yuan in 2007, and 20 trillion yuan in 2012. Break through the 30 trillion yuan mark and reach 31.3 trillion yuan in 2020.

  Industrial production capacity has grown rapidly, and the output of major products ranks among the top in the world.

my country is the only country in the world that has all the industrial categories listed in the United Nations Industrial Classification, with 41 major industrial categories, 207 medium categories, and 666 sub-categories.

In 2020, my country's output of more than 220 industrial products will rank first in the world.

  The international competitiveness of the manufacturing industry has increased significantly.

In 2020, my country's total exports of goods will reach 179326 billion yuan, and it has maintained its position as the world's largest exporter of goods for 12 consecutive years.

In 2020, 133 companies in my country will enter the world's top 500 list, 54 more than in 2012.

High-speed rail, nuclear power, 4G/5G, etc. have gone abroad as a system, and the influence of "Made in China" in the global industrial supply chain continues to increase.

 New breakthroughs in innovation in key areas

  At the end of May, workers in the production workshop of CITIC Heavy Industries were intensively assembling and debugging.

"It is expected that this'big guy' will be able to complete the commissioning of the whole machine and officially roll it off in late June, when the underground engineering construction will be even more powerful!" Cui Langlang, deputy dean of CITIC Heavy Industry and Mine Research Institute, excitedly introduced that this is my country's independent research and development. The first envelope-shaft tunneling machine used for the all-mechanical construction of urban shafts.

After being offline, compared with the traditional construction method, the construction efficiency can be improved by more than 100%, and the construction cost can be reduced by about 50%.

  The successful research and development of shaft boring machine is a microcosm of my country's acceleration from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country's manufacturing innovation capability has improved significantly.

"Sky Eye" sounding, "Shenzhou" flying into the sky, "Mozi" spreading letters, "Heaven Questions" boarding fire, large plane first flight, 10,000-meter manned deep submersible, polar icebreaking scientific research ship have been completed and piece Major powers of major powers were born, batches of major equipment achieved breakthroughs, and they began to enter the stage of parallel running and leading in some frontier fields.

  Behind the successive emergence of innovations in key areas of the manufacturing industry is the continuous enhancement of China's scientific and technological strength since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country.

  R & D strength is constantly improving.

From 2012 to 2019, the total R&D expenditure of industrial enterprises above designated size increased from 0.72 trillion yuan to 1.4 trillion yuan, and the proportion of enterprises with R&D activities in industrial enterprises above designated size increased from 13.7% to 34.2%.

From 2016 to 2019, the R&D investment of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 27.7%, and the R&D investment intensity increased from 0.94% to 1.32%.

  The results of research and development are becoming more and more fruitful.

In 2019, the number of valid invention patents of industrial enterprises above designated size was 1.218 million, an increase of nearly 3.4 times over 2012, and the number of valid invention patents per 100 million operating income of the manufacturing industry reached 1.24.

According to a report released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, China will continue to lead the world in the number of patent applications in 2020.

 Industrial structure optimization takes a new step

  In the welding workshop of Changan Automobile Liangjiang Factory, hundreds of robots flexibly rotate, handle, assemble, and weld. The white body of the popular model UNI-K is sent to the next process along with the conveyor belt.

"We have launched an online order service for UNI-K. Whether it is model configuration, body appearance or interior accessories, it can be personalized through the Internet." said Fan Wenwen, general manager of Changan Automobile's Liangjiang Plant.

  Meeting the needs of consumers for personalized customization is inseparable from the in-depth "hand in hand" between Changan Automobile and digitalization and intelligence.

As the first "National Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise" in China's automobile industry, the degree of intelligence in the stamping, welding, painting and other links of the Liangjiang plant has reached more than 90%, and flexible manufacturing and order production can be easily realized.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country has unswervingly followed the path of new industrialization with Chinese characteristics, vigorously promoted the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, and deepened the development of intelligent manufacturing, leading my country's industrial structure optimization to take new steps.

Statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that the digitization rate of production equipment, key process numerical control rate, and digital equipment networking rate of industrial enterprises above designated size in my country have increased from 42.9%, 45.4%, and 37.3% in 2015 to 49.9%, 52.1%, and 43.5% in 2020, respectively. .

  With the supply-side structural reform as the main line, the transformation and upgrading of my country's traditional industries has accelerated, and the goal of reducing the production capacity of the steel industry by 150 million tons during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period was completed two years ahead of schedule.

At the same time, the growth of strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries is accelerating. The growth rate of high-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing is significantly higher than the average growth rate of manufacturing. Their added value accounted for the proportion of the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size from 11.8 in 2015. % And 31.8% will rise to 15.1% and 33.7% in 2020.

  As of the end of 2020, my country has built 17 national manufacturing innovation centers and 183 provincial manufacturing innovation centers. By 2025, the number of national manufacturing innovation centers will increase to about 40; in 2021, the manufacturing industry will strengthen the chain and supplement the chain. In accelerating progress... entering a new stage of development, the building of a manufacturing power is taking a big step to a new level.

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  Data source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Bureau of Statistics