As efforts toward decarbonization are expanding around the world, NYK, a major shipping company, has decided to build a new car carrier that uses LNG = liquefied natural gas as fuel in order to strengthen its environmental friendliness.

It is said that it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to ships that use heavy oil as fuel.

According to the announcement, NYK has signed a memorandum of understanding with two domestic shipbuilding companies and will build 12 new LNG-fueled car carriers from 2025.

As a shipping company, we aim to own the largest number of LNG car carriers in the world.

LNG car carriers are said to be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 40% compared to traditional heavy oil-fueled vessels, increasing adoption and reducing company-wide emissions by half of 2015 by 2050. I want to.

President Hitoshi Nagasawa said at an online press conference on the 15th, "As a business operator, we must not neglect our efforts. We would like to help develop eco-friendly ships as much as possible."

In the shipping industry, MOL has set a goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions to virtually zero by 2050, and Kawasaki Kisen has set a goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2008.

In addition, the movement of decarbonization is spreading, such as the development of ammonia, which does not emit carbon dioxide even when burned, and ships that use hydrogen as fuel.