In a survey that indexes consumption trends based on credit card usage information, the second half of May was 14% lower than the same period two years ago, before the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Nowcasting, a data analysis company, and JCB, a major credit card company, publish an index that looks at consumption trends while protecting privacy based on card usage information.

According to it, the index from May 16th to 31st was 14% lower than the same period two years ago, which was before the spread of the new corona.

Looking at the breakdown, "Travel" was minus 69.3%, "Accommodation" was minus 66.3%, and "Transportation" was minus 62.8%.

In addition, "eating out" was minus 39%, and "entertainment" such as movie theaters and amusement parks was minus 38%, indicating the impact of refraining from going out due to the spread of infection.

On the other hand, in the so-called "nest-going consumption", "content distribution" such as videos increased by 63.2%, "online mail order" increased by 36.2%, "liquor store" increased by 33.4%, and "supermarket" increased by 21.3%. The percentage is%, and it seems that the shortened business hours of restaurants and the suspension of the provision of alcoholic beverages have an effect.

The company surveyed said, "The state of emergency issued in 10 prefectures has a large impact on consumption, and we would like to carefully monitor future trends."