An exhibition of cutting-edge drones began on the 14th in Chiba City.

While the development of domestic drones is being strengthened, many domestic companies are participating and exhibiting the latest aircraft.

More than 100 domestic and foreign companies are exhibiting at the drone exhibition that started on the 14th at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City.

Of these, the drone developed by a major telecommunications company has a flying aircraft and an underwater aircraft integrated, and when it first flies from land to the sea or lake and lands at a set point, the underwater drone separates. You can move in the water and send the image.

It is supposed to be used for checking underwater equipment at aquaculture sites.

In addition, the drone developed by a major manufacturer means that if AI analyzes the images of the five cameras attached to the aircraft and sets the destination, it can automatically fly while avoiding obstacles at a speed of 90 km / h. ..

Izumi Kawanishi, executive officer of the Sony Group, said, "We would like to contribute to the development of the Japanese drone industry by developing without compromise so that we can fly in urban areas and outside of sight."

Regarding drones, the government is also supporting the development because it is necessary to train domestic manufacturers from the viewpoint of security, and at the exhibition, many domestic companies are introducing aircraft that can be used for infrastructure inspection.

This exhibition is open until the 16th.