The "universal youth guarantee", which must be announced by Emmanuel Macron before the summer, gives a hard time to local missions and worries even the Ministry of the Economy.

Involving massive expenditure, the system also raises the question of the staff required within local missions for the supervision of young people.

The Élysée wants to do something for young people.

But while Emmanuel Macron is soon to announce a "universal youth guarantee", which provides for 500 euros per month in exchange for compulsory support towards employment for those under 25, the system is already turning into a puzzle for young people. local missions and raises some concerns, in particular at the Ministry of the Economy.

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"Dilution of the supervision of young people" 

It is the generalization of the device that is creating cold sweats in Bercy.

The objective of the measure is to reach some 700,000 to 1 million beneficiaries.

A note from the Ministry of the Economy speaks of an expenditure of 2.4 billion euros per year, not counting the support costs.

A massive expense, but also questions about the necessary staff.

Indeed, a minister in Bercy thinks that local missions will never have sufficient employees to support so many people.

"We risk a dilution of the supervision of young people", he says Europe 1. "It is urgently necessary to train trainers."

However, nothing to impress other members of the government.

According to our information, the rise of the device is currently being studied by an enarque who manages the whole.

Could the pressure from Bercy weaken the project led by Elisabeth Borne? A priori no, because all the ministers questioned by Europe 1, whether for or against this device, agree on one point: it is Emmanuel Macron who will decide, and the political signal he is looking for with this youth guarantee. universal greatly exceeds the cost of this measure.