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parcel delivery union is going on strike right now saying that the poor working environment needs to be changed. In the midst of this, another delivery worker in his 40s collapsed from a brain hemorrhage and is still unconscious. The family and union allege it was due to working more than 90 hours a week, which the company denies.

Continuing, this is reporter Hwa Kang-yoon.


47-year-old A, who was working as a delivery driver for Lotte Global Logis in the Gyeonggi area, lost consciousness at dawn yesterday (13th) and collapsed and underwent emergency surgery.

The diagnosis was multiple cerebral hemorrhage. He still has not regained consciousness and is being treated in the intensive care unit.

The union and family are responsible for delivering 6,000 pieces a month, 250 pieces a day, and blame the accumulated overwork by working up to an average of 93 hours a week.

Since last March, one part-time worker for every 2.5 couriers has been put in to support sorting work, but he claims that he still works over 80 hours a week on average because it is not enough to handle the pouring volume of parcels.

[Kim Jong-il / Colleague A: (due to sorting work) The time to start the first delivery is delayed, so of course the time to leave is late. 2am and 3am are the default, and we deliver overnight... .]

[A's family: (After work) I can set you up. I fall asleep while eating it. I fell asleep while chewing.]

On the other hand, Lotte explained that the average daily delivery volume of Mr. A until May this year was 205, and recently, he delivered an average of 21 packages a day due to a courier strike, explaining that it is far from overwork.

Another worker collapses amid a strike to prevent overwork, raising concerns that it will become another spark that will escalate the strike.

(Video coverage: Kim Gyun-jong, video editing: Kim Seon-tak, VJ: Park Hyeon-woo)

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