China News Service, Nanjing, June 13th. Title: The Dragon Boat Festival kicks off the "Zongzi War": How do "old brands" and "new domestic products" create sparks?

  Author Yang Yanci

  It is the Dragon Boat Festival of another year, and all kinds of zongzi start a new round of "stuck position war".

  Time-honored gourmet restaurants, new retailers, and even hot pot restaurants, milk tea shops, coffee shops, etc. have all squeezed into the arena, bringing their own ice and snow rice dumplings, snail noodle rice dumplings, crayfish rice dumplings and other “new kinds of rice dumplings” to compete for “soul stuffing” material".

  When you walk into the supermarket, you can see that the traditional taste of zongzi "peel off" the luxurious packaging and stick to the original taste; the new taste of zongzi, with the attitude of "net red rice dumplings", narrows the distance between traditional festivals and young people.

  This "time-honored" and "new domestic product" competition on the same stage is not a simple "zero-sum game", but an effect of 1+1>2 has evolved.

  According to statistics from Hema Xiansheng, as the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, the sales of zongzi continue to rise.

The classic flavor of washed sand dumplings sold best, with sales this week increasing by 40% compared to last week.

New flavours such as snail noodle dumplings and supreme seafood dumplings aroused the curiosity of young consumers to try their food, and sales continued to rise.

  The dispute between salty rice dumplings and sweet rice dumplings is no longer a problem in the eyes of "post-90s" and "post-00s".

In their opinion, the good-looking zongpi is the same, and the expected "soul" is one in a thousand.

Combining the mentality of "food ancient" and "earlier", young people have gradually become the main buying force of zongzi.

  A set of consumption data from Tmall shows that during the 6.18 shopping festival, the "post-90s" have become the main consumer of zongzi, with the number and amount of purchases ranking first in all age groups.

From June 1st to 7th, the transaction order growth rate of Zongzi on Tmall platform was 141%, and the transaction value growth rate was as high as 300%.

  Ms. Chen, who bought rice dumplings in Nanjing No. 1 Supermarket, said in an interview: “In the past two years, I like to try some new flavors of rice dumplings. On the Dragon Boat Festival, my family ate the old flavors, and I ate the new flavors. It was also very festive. Atmospheric."

  With the promotion of short videos and public accounts, new flavors of rice dumplings have traveled across the oceans, and have also flown into the "homes of ordinary people" of overseas Chinese.

  “We used to buy zongzi in Chinese supermarkets. Now, I will follow the online tutorials to take the children to pack various flavors of zongzi.” Ms. Yang, who has lived in New Zealand for many years, said, “packing” traditional Chinese food with popular elements. At the same time, although sometimes the taste "steps on thunder", it is quite meaningful for children to experience traditional Chinese culture and keep up with the "rhythm of the times".

  In the age of "everything can be made into rice dumplings", will the traditional taste go far?

  In this regard, Yu Xuerong, executive chairman of the Jiangsu Catering Industry Association, believes that the new taste given to “old” cuisine will allow more young people to pay attention to traditional cuisine, which will help “bring the old with the new” and drive the innovation of the old taste. inherited.

  "I think that these endless new fillings meet the needs of different consumers and are an innovation in traditional cuisine." Yu Xuerong believes that the seemingly "exotic" new zongzi goes beyond the connotation of the food itself, through new IP drives traditional culture and helps young people integrate their pursuit of a better life and delicious food into traditional festivals.