(Look at China along the highway) "The most beautiful green highway" opens to traffic, "China Lixiang" develops "adding wings"

  Chinanews, Maoming, June 13th, title: "The most beautiful green highway" opened to traffic, "China Lixiang" development "added wings"

  Author Liang Sheng Chen Zikai

  At noon on the 11th, the construction of the Guangdong Yunmao Expressway, which lasted nearly 5 years and was awarded the title of "Most Beautiful Green Expressway" by the China Highway Society, was opened to traffic. It has become a major channel between the mountainous areas of western Guangdong and the Beibu Gulf economic circle to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It also ended the history of the absence of expressways in the eastern mountainous area of ​​Xinyi City, the "Lixiang of China", and added wings to the local economy.

  On the 12th, the reporter drove into Qianpai Town, the main production area of ​​Sanhua Li in Xinyi City, to experience the "freshness and pleasure" of riding high speed in the green mountains and green water, and feel the joy and joy of the "Lixiang" people welcoming the "high-speed era" .

  It is understood that the area where the Yunmao Expressway passes is the most well-preserved area of ​​natural forest vegetation in western Guangdong. The bridges and tunnels along the way form a magnificent bridge and tunnel group. The bridge spans continuous mountain peaks and the green trees and vines on both sides of the road are jagged. From a distance, it looks like a ribbon, winding through the green fields and clear waters, which is magnificent.

  "Qian Pai Tong Expressway, this is something that ancestors did not even dare to think about. In the past, it took at least 1.5 hours to go out of the county town. It took at least 1.5 hours to cross the two major mountains of Baijiling and Changgangling, and the 44-kilometer mountain road was roundabout. The twists and turns can be described as the eighteen bends of the mountain road, and there are often traffic jams in the steep Changgangling..." Speaking of the local people’s expectations of the Yunmao Expressway, Mr. Li, a resident of Qianpai Street, told reporters, "In the past, I didn’t dare I took my wife and daughter to Xinyi City. They were motion sickness and vomiting back and forth. This is all right. The family will go to the city again after dinner, and it will not be late at night to come back'chill'."

  "Yesterday the expressway was opened to traffic. Last night, I took the expressway and went back to my home in Xinyi City. This morning, I took the expressway and returned to duty." Xiaoli, who works in the Qianpai town government, told reporters. Many people in Qianpai Town bought houses in Xinyi in 1988, and their children also studied in the city.

The Yunmao Expressway is open to traffic, and the children of Qianpai people will have more opportunities to enjoy better quality education, medical care, and employment resources in the future.

  In Da Nuo Village of Qian Pai Village Committee, the reporter saw a large number of foreign tourists who were picking Sanhua plums.

Chen Tianfu, secretary of the party branch of the Qianpai Village Committee and director of the village committee, said, “The opening of the Yunmao Expressway to traffic has a profound impact on the development of the local Sanhua Li industry. Many tourists from other places have heard that the Qianpai Expressway is now taking advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival. Come pick plums during a small holiday. Now is the time when Qian Pai Sanhua Li is the best to eat. In the past two days, the number of foreign tourists in the town has increased significantly, and almost all sections of the road are busy."

  Liang Rongxiao, member of the Standing Committee of the Xinyi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Secretary of the Party Committee of Qian Pai Town, said that Qian Pai is the "China Sanhua Li No. 1 Town" that has risen to fame in recent years. , Industry-city resonance has been the main theme of Qianpai Town’s development in recent years.

In the past, traffic inconvenience was the "bottleneck" restricting the development of the bank. In the face of the major benefits brought by Yunmao Expressway to the bank, the local government will focus on improving infrastructure and supporting tourism facilities and continue to optimize it. Local development environment, enhance the attractiveness of local investment, and launch as soon as possible to improve the road traffic conditions from the Yunmao Expressway to the neighboring towns and towns, and to improve the scenery along the line from the Yunmao Expressway to the township, and to speed up the county sub-center planning project as a whole The construction and the construction of beautiful villages are the focus points, and the overall implementation is planned to fully realize the "shifting and speeding up" of local development.