People's Daily Online, Beijing, June 12 (Reporter Du Yanfei) The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission recently issued the "Notice on Further Promoting the Healthy Development of Financial Leasing Companies Subordinated to State-owned Enterprises and Strengthening Risk Prevention" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").

The "Notice" clarified that financial leasing companies affiliated to central enterprises should return to the origin of leasing, based on the main business and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain supply chain, give full play to the advantages of combining financing and financing, optimize business structure, develop direct leasing, and improve the ability to serve the real economy And effect.

  In response to the problems and risks of financial leasing companies affiliated to central enterprises in due diligence, lease management, capital investment, etc., the "Notice" emphasizes that financial leasing companies affiliated to central enterprises should standardize the sale and leaseback, and shall not grant loans in disguise.

It is necessary to effectively improve due diligence, consolidate the credit of lessees, effectively implement credit enhancement measures, establish a special risk assessment mechanism for major project risk control departments, and strengthen the role of the "second line of defense".

Further standardize the management of leased properties. The leased properties shall be in compliance with laws and regulations and exist in reality. The leased properties shall not accept properties that have been mortgaged, have disputed ownership, have been sealed or seized by judicial authorities, or have defective ownership as leased properties. The realised property shall be regarded as leased property, and the leased property shall not be purchased with low value and high value.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the management of capital investment, strictly prohibit illegal investment in areas that violate the country's major risk prevention policies and measures, and strictly prohibit illegal requirements or accept various forms of guarantees provided by local governments.

  The “Notice” requires that, in principle, central enterprises can only control one financial leasing company (excluding financial leasing company subsidiaries). Central enterprises that control two or more financial leasing companies should scientifically demonstrate and coordinate the layout. For those with similar business and basically closed down Financial leasing companies should resolutely integrate or withdraw.

For the equity of the financial leasing company that participates in the shares, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the necessity, formulate an optimized integration plan, and promptly clear and exit those with higher risks, low investment benefits, and insignificant service main business effects.

Newly-added financial leasing companies shall be filed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. State-owned enterprises whose group management and control capabilities are weak and financial leasing has little effect on the main business shall not add new financial leasing companies.

  The "Notice" stated that it is necessary to strengthen the risk prevention of financial leasing companies and increase the risk disposal of financial leasing companies.

Financial leasing companies affiliated to central enterprises must effectively improve their ability to resolve risks, handle risky projects in a safe and orderly manner, and establish and improve the accountability mechanism for financial leasing companies.

  Industry insiders believe that in recent years, financial leasing companies affiliated to central enterprises have played an active role in serving the main business of the group, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and supporting technological innovation, but they have also accumulated and exposed some risks and problems. The promulgation of the "Notice" has further improved the financial business supervision system of central enterprises, which is of great significance to promote the financial business of central enterprises to promote production and effectively prevent and resolve major risks.