China News Service, Hefei, June 12 (Reporter Wu Lan) The 13th China Automotive Blue Book Forum with the theme of "first hand" ended on the 12th in Hefei, Anhui.

In three days, more than a thousand representatives from many leading companies in the domestic auto industry chain conducted discussions on hot topics such as the world auto competition pattern, the trend of the Chinese auto market, and chip lidar, focusing on the "first move" of smart cars. .

  Participants believe that Chinese brands have been in the center of the smart car arena.

The largest automobile market, the most complete industrial chain, and the richest application scenarios are the greatest confidence for China's automobile industry to play a "first move".

  According to You Zheng, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., China's automobile sales have maintained the world's number one position for 12 consecutive years, becoming the world's largest automobile production and sales country.

From the perspective of the new energy track, the production and sales scale of the Chinese market will reach 1.367 million vehicles in 2020, accounting for 42% of the global market.

  Xiang Xingchu, chairman of Jiangxi Automobile Group, believes that intelligent network connection is regarded as the focus of future competition, and software-defined cars have become a new trend.

At the same time, the global automotive industry is undergoing severe tests such as the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the "chip shortage" during the transformation of electrification and intelligence.

  Liao Zhenbo, deputy general manager of BAIC Group, believes that in the face of the challenges of industry change, auto companies should accelerate systematic adjustments and become pioneers in industry transformation; in the face of carbon neutrality requirements, auto companies should accelerate carbon footprint traceability and adopt first-hand technology routes.

  Luo Yunfeng, Mayor of Hefei, believes that the development of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles is an excellent industry "combination point" and the most promising "new industry".

After years of accumulation, Hefei has a prominent agglomeration effect, has a number of leading companies, and has formed a complete industrial chain covering complete vehicles, lidar and other key components and other supporting industries.

By 2025, strive for the total output value of the automobile industry to exceed 500 billion yuan, of which the output value of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles exceeds 320 billion yuan.