Consider it an after-sales service that is supposed to be free or at a nominal value

Realtors: “No Objection Certificate” fees impede the movement of work in the “sector”

Realtors confirmed that the no-objection certificate constitutes a burden on the dealers in the sector, whether they are buyers or sellers.

Photography: Patrick Castillo

Realtors said that the exaggerated fees of the “No Mana” certificate by some development companies are considered an obstacle to the movement of buying and selling in the sector in Dubai, as the developers link the issuance of the certificate to the payment of the unit owner to those fees, otherwise any action on the unit will be disrupted, noting that some developers They overestimate it up to 5000 dirhams.

They pointed out that this service is supposed to be free, or for a small fee, because it is considered an after-sales service, which is supposed to be issued as a service to the customer by the developer.


In detail, Alaa Masoud, the head of the marketing department at Aras Group, said that the developer is the one who controls the “no objection” certificate, because when selling the real estate unit and completing the payment of the first payment and registration fees, this certificate must be taken to allow the unit to be resold, suggesting The customer who fulfills all the conditions gets the certificate for a small fee.

small fee

For his part, the real estate broker, Muhammad Al Ali, said that the fees for the “no objection” certificate should be simple and suitable for everyone, and we can dispense with it, because the procedure provided by this certificate is small.

He demanded that the fees for this certificate be symbolic, not to exceed 100 dirhams, and to be in the range of 20 or 30 dirhams, demonstrating the bodies and authorities that issue certificates free of charge.

a burden

In turn, the Managing Director of Harbor Real Estate Company, Muhannad Al-Wadieh, said that the No Objection Certificate issued by developers constitutes a burden on dealers in the real estate sector, whether they are buyers or sellers.

He added that customers feel that there are hidden fees that they are surprised by and were not taken into account, especially with the high fees for this certificate in a way that annoys customers.

He continued, "Developers must provide after-sales services without fees or a symbolic value. I am in favor of canceling them or placing controls in their imposition."


In the same context, the CEO of "Standard Real Estate Management Company", Abdul Karim Al Mulla, said that the fees for the "no objection" certificate include a kind of exploitation and control by developers towards customers and service applicants.

Al-Mulla added that the granting of this certificate should be part of the entire administrative process, so that no fees are collected when it is granted for a public purpose or directed to a government agency, such as the municipality or the Electricity and Water Authority.


In addition, the real estate developer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Waleed Investment Company, Muhammad Al-Mutawa, said: “I think that the fees are exaggerated by some developers, and I think that they should be symbolic and reasonable, and done electronically and inexpensively, so a symbolic amount in the range of 50 to 50 100 dirhams would be appropriate.”

Al-Mutawa explained that the certificate fees currently range between 500 and 5000 dirhams, which is an overestimate.

Developer's right

The CEO of Binghatti Real Estate Development Company, Mohammed Binghatti, affirmed that every institution, company or developer has the right to request fees for any service it provides, whether before or after the sale, but these fees must be reasonable and not exaggerated.

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