China News Service, Guilin, June 12 (Zhao Linlu and Yang Zongsheng) From June 9 to 11, Guilin, Guangxi, held an expert seminar on building a world-class tourist city.

Li Bin, vice chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said at the meeting that Guilin’s creation of a world-class tourist city must implement the concept of green development, continue to optimize the ecosystem, maintain the ecological bottom line, and comprehensively promote institutional innovation, model innovation and business innovation in the field of culture and tourism. Take a path of characteristic development that takes the development of the tourism industry as the starting point and promotes high-quality economic development.

  Zhou Jiabin, secretary of the Guilin Municipal Party Committee, said at the seminar that Guilin's construction of a world-class tourist city must adhere to ecological priority and green development, and continue to polish the golden signs of Guilin's landscape and waters.

Comprehensively improve the internationalization, high-end, and quality level of the tourism industry, promote the in-depth integration of ecological and cultural tourism, accelerate the completion of shortcomings in tourism infrastructure, and create a batch of world-class tourism facilities, tourism services and business environments.

  Earlier this month, Li Min, deputy party secretary and deputy director of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Ecological Environment Department, said at a press conference.

"Guangxi will implement the most stringent water resources management system during the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, strengthen the allocation of water resources in the Lijiang River Basin, ensure the ecological flow of the main stream of the Lijiang River, effectively improve the water ecological landscape environment during the dry period of the Lijiang River, promote harmony between humans and water, and realize the realization of the Lijiang River. The beautiful scene of "clear water and green shores, and fish with shallow bottom."

  Li Min said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Guangxi will systematically promote the environmental protection of water ecology in the Lijiang River Basin.

Strengthen pollution prevention and control, focus on promoting the construction of infrastructure such as the pipe network of Guilin, strengthen the supervision of sewage discharge in the industrial clusters of the Lijiang River Basin, carry out comprehensive improvement of the rural environment, prevent and control livestock and poultry breeding pollution, and ensure that the water quality of the Lijiang River is maintained good; adhere to systematic governance and develop the Lijiang River landscape Forest, field, lake and grass system control, implementation of Lijiang water ecological protection and restoration and upgrading projects, strengthening of comprehensive improvement of the water environment of main and tributary streams, and continuous and in-depth promotion of Lijiang clean-up and improvement, to create a model of the beautiful Lijiang river and lake.

  During the seminar, participating experts and scholars focused on territorial space planning, ecological product value, advanced strategies for world-class tourism cities, national park system and Lijiang ecological environment protection, etc., conducted in-depth analysis and discussion, and offered suggestions for Guilin's construction of a world-class tourism city.

The picture shows the scene of the expert seminar on Guilin's construction of a world-class tourist city.

Photo by Zhao Linlu

  "The tourism industry has not gone back to the time of'receiving tickets from the mountains and the mountains and the crowds of people eating dividends.' It is necessary to meet the new needs of consumption upgrades with new kinetic energy of technology, art, education, talents, R&D and innovation, and then become a world-class The construction of a tourist city provides basic support and unlimited possibilities." said Dai Bin, president of the China Tourism Research Institute.

  Dai Bin believes that the world's first-class urban tourism destinations, of course, attract tourists to visit the natural environment and historical and cultural factors, but also because of their global transportation hubs, modern urban layout and innovative capabilities, and an international business environment. And the level of governance, as well as equality, freedom and unlimited possibilities for the future.

  As one of China's first tourist cities to open to the outside world, Guilin is popular among domestic and foreign tourists for its "landscapes and rivers".

Yu Kongjian, a professor at the School of Architecture and Landscape Design of Peking University, pointed out that landscape ecology is the characteristic of Guilin. To build a world-class tourist city, we must adhere to the concept of ecological civilization.

He suggested that Guilin can create a life in Wangshan, develop poetic habitat, research and enlightenment, ecological agriculture, free travel, art and cultural creation and other industries, so that green waters and green mountains can be turned into golden mountains and silver mountains.

  According to reports, since the beginning of this year, Guilin City has actively introduced tourism-benefit policies, launched red tourism and night tour routes, promoted the construction of major cultural tourism projects, promoted the construction and upgrading of international tourist attractions, and the cultural tourism industry has initially shown a momentum of rebound.

According to preliminary statistics, in the first quarter of this year, Guilin received 18.1497,000 tourists, and achieved a total tourism consumption of 23.276 billion yuan.