With the challenge of dealing with the risks of climate change, the Financial Services Agency has compiled a report from a meeting of experts, urged financial institutions to decarbonize, and built a system that can support the efforts of lenders. I have decided to ask for a response.

The Financial Services Agency has set up a meeting of experts made up of academic experts to discuss financial measures toward the realization of "carbon neutral" that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero as a whole by 2050. It was.

In this cohesive report, climate change risk is positioned as "the most important issue to be addressed at present", enabling financial institutions such as banks to help solve the issues of lenders toward decarbonization. It is said that it is necessary to keep it.

To that end, financial institutions have pointed out that it is important to build a management system that takes into account the risks of climate change.

The Financial Services Agency has decided to encourage financial institutions to take concrete measures, such as revising the supervisory guidelines in line with the contents of the report.

The report also points out that while interest in investing in environmental and social issues called "ESG" is growing worldwide, the standards for financial products that claim ESG are ambiguous. Therefore, the Financial Services Agency plans to consider how to supervise asset managers in the future.