“Among the main strategic tasks that AKIT sets itself is maintaining high quality standards of customer service in the online channel and creating a zone of safe and comfortable service for customers.

AKIT has a hotline where we help buyers resolve disputes with sellers, as well as a special resource (https://ecomvscovid.ru/) where you can leave a complaint if the online store violates compliance with anti-epidemic measures, ”he said.

Another important task that ACIT sets itself is the creation of equal competitive conditions for all market participants.

“All our initiatives and their successful implementation are the result of collective expertise and common decision.

As examples, we can cite those that received the most widespread publicity - the legalization of online sales of medicines, dietary supplements, elimination of legal conflicts in the sale of jewelry, mitigation of requirements for small aircraft, ”Sokolov listed, among other things.

Since e-commerce is a very young and rapidly developing part of retail, sometimes the legislation here does not always keep pace with the rapidly changing field of online, added the head of AKIT.

“The Association is a member of the expert councils of most legislative and supervisory bodies - it is an organization where not only all regulatory information and government decisions relevant to the industry are consolidated, it is also an opportunity to influence these decisions,” concluded Sokolov. 

Earlier it became known that since 2019, the volume of money transfers made by Russians in the fast payment system exceeded 2 trillion rubles, and almost 25 million people have used the service.

At the same time, consumers are increasingly paying for purchases using a QR code.

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