The world's largest fast food company McDonald's and the well-known video game company Electronic Arts have been victims of cyber attacks.

An internal investigation, according to McDonald's on Friday, found that hackers gained access to a small number of files, some of which contained personal information.

As far as we know, customer data is only affected in Korea and Taiwan.

McDonald's is working with external experts to clarify the incident.

According to a report in the "Wall Street Journal", the cyber criminals also gained access to data on employees, franchise partners and restaurants of the group in the USA.

This was not about sensitive personal information, wrote the Finanzblatt, citing an internal memo from McDonald's.

Accordingly, the hackers did not request a ransom.

Business operations also did not suffer from the cyber attack.

Source code stolen from Fifa 21?

The attackers, who had targeted the video game provider Electronic Arts (EA), had stolen game source code and associated software tools “to a limited extent”, the company confirmed to the financial service Bloomberg, among others.

According to the online magazine “Vice”, the hackers claim that, among other things, they obtained the source code of the soccer game “Fifa 21”. The software security experts from Blackberry also came across offers of EA data on the Dark Web. In this context, they warned that the hackers could gain access to numerous computers thanks to the stolen information. In particular, they could develop specially prepared additional software such as cheats that could be used as a gateway, emphasized the Blackberry experts on Friday. At the same time, EA emphasized that no player data had been captured in the attack - and no risks to their privacy are currently seen.

Hacker attacks are the order of the day.

Just a few weeks ago, an attack halted one of the largest gasoline pipelines in the United States.

The operator Colonial paid blackmailers a ransom of $ 4.4 million.

The world's largest meat producer JBS from Brazil was hit by a so-called ransomware attack last week and paid $ 11.0 million.

And video game providers are also increasingly affected.

In February, the Polish provider CD Projekt was the target of a hacker attack - and has now announced that it is now assumed that information from the attack will be offered for sale on the Internet.

In addition to data on games, information on employees and business partners could also be included, it said.