A cancer insurance policyholder found an absurd fact while claiming the insurance. The insurance solicitor unknowingly signed the registration document on behalf of the insurance company, but the insurance company is in the position that there is no problem.

This is reporter Kim Jung-woo.


A 30-year-old man who had thyroid cancer metastasized to another place in June of last year and underwent surgery.

After receiving the insurance, I was reviewing the product description to check the coverage again, and found that 7 out of 20 pages were missing.

I was shocked when I contacted the insurance company and received the original with 7 missing pages.

There was a signature different from my own handwriting in the signature line to check whether the product description was properly followed.

[Mr A/insured person: (insurance company) omits all the signed parts. Even though the company knew that there was something wrong, it was something that was hidden.] When

Mr. A protested, the insurance solicitor in charge confessed that he signed it instead.

[Insurance solicitor (conversation with Mr. A): I did that. Look at the text, it's my handwriting. That's what we usually do.]

At the time of insurance, when Mr. A left for a while, there is also a CCTV video signed by the designer alone.

Mr. A says that the coverage on the proxy signed enrollment document does not meet his expectations, and he would not have signed up if he had read and signed his own.

Even so, the insurance company explained that there was no problem if the insured was present, even if it was signed by a proxy.

The current law clearly prohibits insurance solicitors, etc., from replacing the subscriber's signature.

[Mr. A/insured: It seems very difficult for the insured to prove that there was an illegal act. You have to solve it yourself.]

Mr. A decided to proceed with a lawsuit against the insurance company for liability for incomplete sales.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, video editing: Kim Jong-mi)