It turned out that Mizuho Bank's president Koji Fujiwara, who had four system failures in less than two weeks, has begun to resign within the month to clarify his responsibilities.

Mizuho Bank caused four system failures in a row in less than two weeks until mid-March, and in the largest system failure at the end of February, it was not possible to take out cash cards and passbooks from ATMs, and it was a long time on the spot. There were a lot of people waiting for a while.

In response to this, the parent company "Mizuho Financial Group" once canceled the appointment of Koji Fujiwara, who was originally scheduled to be replaced on April 1, and has been working to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence. According to the report, President Fujiwara has begun to resign within the month to clarify the responsibility for a series of system failures.

President Fujiwara will also cancel the appointment of Mizuho Bank as chairman, which was originally planned for personnel affairs.

Regarding this issue, a third-party committee investigating the causes of successive failures and the management system of the organization plans to announce the investigation results next week, and Mizuho will dispose of executives in line with this. Will be announced.

In addition, the Financial Services Agency takes seriously the situation that a series of system failures have affected many users, and is considering issuing administrative sanctions based on the inspection results for Mizuho.