China News Service, June 10. According to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as of 16:00 on June 10, the country has harvested about 200 million mu of winter wheat. The overall progress is over 60%, and the machine harvest ratio exceeds 98%.

The Huanghuaihai machine harvest is advancing at a high speed. The daily harvest area has exceeded 20 million mu for 4 consecutive days, and more than 300,000 combine harvesters have been invested in a single day for 4 consecutive days, all setting new highs in the past five years.

The wheat harvest in Anhui is coming to an end. Henan is over 90%, Jiangsu is over 60%, Shaanxi is over 40%, Shanxi is nearly 40%, Shandong is nearly 30%, and Hebei is over 15%.

Data map: The combine harvester rushes to harvest wheat.

(Drone photo) Photo by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun

  Since the end of May, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, a series of activities have been widely carried out in various regions, such as the promotion month on the theme of grain harvest reduction, field combat competitions, and large-scale pilot training.

Farmers’ awareness of “decrease is to increase production” has been continuously strengthened, and the enthusiasm of the operators to learn to surpass the standard operation and fine harvesting skills is high. This year, the wheat harvesting operations pay more attention to scientifically adjusting the machine parameters such as the cutting width, drum speed, and sieve plate angle according to local conditions. Try to choose wax-cooked or pre-cooked harvest to avoid increased shattering and entrainment losses.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the main producing provinces sent multiple working groups to in-depth guidance on the implementation of the "three summer" management service measures at the front line of the wheat harvest, and do everything possible to improve the harvest quality, further reduce the loss of the machine harvest, and realize the return of pellets.

  Agricultural and rural departments at all levels work closely with development and reform, transportation, public security, meteorology, petrochemical and other departments to ensure the priority and preferential supply of oil for the "Three Summers", free and smooth operation of cross-regional vehicles, and maintain a good order of wheat harvest.

In view of the obvious characteristics of concentrated maturity of wheat in the main producing cities and counties this year, and the higher requirements for scientific scheduling and use of equipment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized relevant units and the National Early Warning Information Release Center to jointly pilot the "three summers" wheat harvesting precision weather service, and provide free The operator’s mobile phone pushes accurate indications of the appropriate index of the machine receipt to the township and time period, which provides a reference for the operator to grasp the favorable weather window and arrange the operation time reasonably.

  As the wheat harvest progressed in an orderly and fast manner, summer tube and planting began immediately.

Mechanized straw baling, production area drying, corn no-tillage sowing, rice transplanting and other operations are successively carried out in various places to achieve harvesting and planting.

The wide application of green and high-efficiency mechanization technologies such as automatic driving of agricultural machinery by Beidou navigation, unmanned aerial vehicle plant protection, protective tillage, and synchronous side-deep fertilization of machine-transplanted seedlings have further improved the production quality and efficiency of "Sanxia".

  According to the Central Meteorological Observatory's forecast, most of the wheat harvest area in the northern part of Huanghuaihai Lake will have fine weather from June 11-14, and there will be significant precipitation on June 15-16. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs reminded all localities to strengthen the scheduling of machinery and equipment, organize the operators to seize favorable weather to speed up the wheat harvest, sowing with suitable moisture and stubble, turning the summer grain "harvest in sight" into "good harvest", and planting autumn grains during the high-yield period for the whole year's grain A good harvest lays a solid foundation.