IATA: Launching an electronic document to facilitate travel soon

The Director-General of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Willie Walsh, revealed that the new electronic travel document from IATA will be officially launched within the next few weeks, to start using it on a large scale to facilitate travel processes and reduce the time travelers spend at various airports.

Walsh said, in response to a question to "Emirates Today" during a media briefing organized by IATA, yesterday, that the past period witnessed tests and experiments in preparation for the official launch of the document, as Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways led the trials of launching the document in the region during the last period, indicating that the document will be Available after launch on iPhone and Android phones together.

In response to another question by "Emirates Today", Walsh called on the countries of the world to recognize all the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization, after countries banned travel to it from two restaurants with specific vaccines.

Welch said that the World Health Organization has recognized vaccines based on specific medical and scientific information, which necessitates the countries of the world to commit to recognizing these vaccines and facilitating travel, noting that countries' recognition of the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization is gradually increasing, and we are optimistic about wider acceptance during the coming period.

Welch stressed that the second half of this year will witness a significant increase in the number of travelers and a significant recovery of the sector, especially with the gradual removal of some travel restrictions as a result of the increase in vaccination operations and the decline in infections as a result, and thus a greater control over the virus, explaining that removing or easing any restrictions is quickly What you find huge and immediate resonance in the increase of travel bookings directly.

For his part, IATA Vice President for Africa and the Middle East, Kamel Al-Awadi, called on the countries of the region not to impose fees at airports to compensate for the lack of revenues due to the repercussions of the pandemic. He said that these fees will have negative effects on travel operations, noting that some countries in the region have already imposed new fees in a way. sudden during the last period.

Al-Awadi also called for reducing the cost of PCR tests, and said that the cost of the tests is large and hinders travel, especially for families, explaining that there is a large discrepancy in the prices of the tests, as they start from $27 to approximately $278, which means that there are entities that make great profits from the tests.

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