The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said that there is an increasing need to prevent the outflow of advanced technologies and information that are important for security, even when Japanese companies and universities provide technologies and information to domestic researchers. If it is determined that the foreign government has a strong influence, it will be obligatory to obtain the permission of the Minister in advance.

With the advancement of technology and information, there is a growing concern that research content at companies and universities will be diverted to military purposes if it leaks overseas through people.

For this reason, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has decided to tighten regulations to prevent the leakage of technology and information such as cutting-edge materials.

If a Japanese company or university provides such technology or information to a person living overseas, permission from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry is required, but in the future, the person will be a Japanese person or a foreigner employed in Japan. However, if it is judged that you are strongly influenced by a foreign country, such as having an employment contract with a foreign government or company, you will be required to obtain the permission of the Minister in advance.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to revise the notification on the operation of the Foreign Exchange Law by the end of this year and aim to implement it from next year.

Regarding the project called "Thousand Talents Program" that the Chinese government is conducting to invite researchers with advanced expertise, it is pointed out that technology and information may be leaked to the Chinese side from researchers in each country. There is a growing movement to tighten regulations worldwide.