If you as a consumer take out a subscription online, you must also be able to cancel it online.

But companies make that unnecessarily difficult.

That is what the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) said on Thursday after an investigation.

These are companies that offer online subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and lotteries.

Consumers experience high barriers to canceling and feel pressured by telephone not to cancel the subscription or accept a new offer.

If you take out a subscription online, you should be able to cancel it in the same easy way.

"In our research we see that companies do not offer this option or that make it difficult to cancel online," concludes the ACM, which has pointed out the shortcomings to the companies.

"They have already adapted the working method or are working on it."

The supervisor checks whether this actually happens.

Taking out a subscription online is often made very easy. "Companies should realize that canceling should be made just as easy." As a customer, you should be able to quickly find out how to do that. "There should be no additional barriers, such as clicking three times to get to the correct page or hiding the link."