The travel industry has its sights firmly set on next week.

On Tuesday, consultations will take place at European level about the corona passport that should facilitate travel within the European Union (EU).

ANVR director Frank Oostdam also expects more countries - including favorite France - to go from orange to yellow.

"We think that next week countries such as Spain, Greece, Croatia and France will be on yellow," said Oostdam.

This is not only good news for holidaymakers, but also for the travel industry.

"These are also very important destinations for the sector."

After the initial boom in bookings, when the travel advice for the first European countries went from orange to yellow, the enthusiasm is now waning again.

"That is due to all the ambiguity and uncertainty," says the ANVR director.

"On the other hand, it was good news that another eight countries went from orange to yellow."

'On the way to green, first grab the yellow'

According to the foreman of the travel sector, this confirms that we are on the way to a yellow Europe.

"Green (a country has been declared safe, ed.) would be absolutely beautiful, but let's take the yellow first."

People with holiday plans do have many questions, the ANVR notes.

"That makes sense, we are entering uncharted territory."

According to Oostdam, the bullet will go through the church next week with regard to the European certificate, also known as the corona passport.

"We also hope that the Dutch government will keep its promise that there will be a European directive for the certificate. So that it becomes clear who it is intended for, when you can get it, what it is about testing children, for which tests. it comes down to how many shots people need to have, et cetera."

If everything goes as the ANVR expects, then it will still be a beautiful summer for the holidaymaker and the sector. "We do hope that the focus after the European Union can quickly turn to other countries, such as Turkey. That also needs to be moved."